‘We have gone much more inclusive’

‘We have gone much more inclusive’
‘We have gone much more inclusive’

The new season of Holland’s Next Top Model kicks off today. It promises to be another exciting and also innovative season, says the presenter Loiza Lamers in conversation with Grace. “You’re going to see a very diverse cast.”

Presentation job

That Loiza this season of HNTM she considers it a great honor to be allowed to present. “My first reaction when I heard that I could present this was: open a glass of wine and scream very loudly. I was so proud because this was really all I wanted. Seven years ago I never thought I would do this.”

The beauty won the program itself seven years ago and therefore knows better than anyone what the candidates are going through. “I thought it was very funny to walk down the stairs and see all the candidates there, because I remember exactly how anouk (Smulders, presenter, ed.) That in my season, “says Loiza.

Innovative season

However, the program has changed a bit over the years. This HNTMseason will therefore be much more inclusive, says Loiza. “In my season we still saw a bit of the ‘standard’ models. This season we have gone much more inclusive. We started looking much more at top model and potential, instead of sizes, backgrounds or orientations. We now look much more at the person himself, or who has it in him.”

This season we will also see a much more diverse cast than in other seasons, continues Loiza. “You will hear very different stories, we will see people who really stand for something. People who have already experienced something or have a story. You are really going to see something new.” Loiza cannot reveal exactly what novelty we are going to see again. “You just really have to go and see it, but there’s something really new in there that I think is going to be really, really warm and loving. But on the other hand, it’s not necessarily gentle either, because of course it remains Top Model,” she says. We are very curious!

Holland’s Next Top Model can be seen every Monday on Videoland!

Image: Holland’s Next Top Model (Videoland, RTL)

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