“The export price of Chinese garlic is slightly lower than last year, but the onion price has doubled”

Fresh Chinese garlic enters the domestic market and the export market every year between June and August. About 70-80% of the supply comes from Jinxiang in Shandong. “This year, the overall product quality is better than last year and the domestic sales conditions are excellent. The price is slightly lower than last year, but generally stable,” said David Zheng of Jining Martin International Trade. He recently shared his insights into the garlic and onion market.

“This year, the price of garlic is slightly lower than last year. The yield has increased, so the market supply is greater than the market demand. However, the general product quality is stable. The garlic is quite large this year. The percentage of large garlic (with a diameter between 4.5-6.5 cm) is higher than in previous years.”

The export conditions of Chinese garlic are related to the domestic sales conditions. According to David, the export price this year is € 145 per ton lower than last year. That is a price drop of 15%-20%. One of the reasons for this development is a higher yield. Another reason is the ongoing pandemic and its consequences for the global market. Demand for garlic has fallen as many restaurants have closed their doors or are operating below their maximum capacity.

Besides garlic, Jining Martin International Trade also sells onions on the international market.

“There are several onion growing areas spread across China. They all deliver to the market at different times. The current supply comes from Gansu. These yellow onions are among the best in China in terms of product quality,” said David. Last year the price of yellow onions was quite low: € 0.03-0.06 per 0.5 kg. A number of growers had already switched to other crops because the price was so low. This year the price of yellow onions has doubled. The current retail price is approximately € 0.12 per 0.5 kg. The quality of the product is stable and the profit margin is good.

Jining Martin International Trade was established in 2002. The company mainly provides planting, storage, processing, retail and export services for horticultural products, including garlic, garlic shoots, onions, chili peppers, ginger and apples. The company has been active in the export market for more than 10 years. Their main export destinations are Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Europe. Currently, the company is trying to expand the number of customers in the European market.

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