Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert film a book by Nicci French together, with Louis Talpe in the lead

Directing couple Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert from Ruddervoorde join forces for the third time and today start recording ‘The Memory Game’.

Jan Verheyen’s twentieth cinema film will be a specialleke. ‘The Memory Game’ is an adaptation of the book ‘The Memory Game’ by Nicci French. More than 350,000 copies of the debut novel from 1996 were sold in Flanders and the Netherlands. It is therefore the first Flemish-Dutch film adaptation of it.

Jan does not do it alone, but together with his wife Lien WWillaert. For the directing couple it is the third time in a short time that they have joined forces. They previously played ‘Red Sandra’ together and worked with their daughter for ‘Bittersweet Sixteen’.

The story revolves around the discovery of a corpse in the garden of the Deridder family mansion. It turns out to be Nathalie, the then only 16-year-old daughter, who disappeared a quarter of a century ago. The gruesome find puts an end to years of uncertainty, but also reveals a long-hidden crime. When family secrets are unearthed, the present is overshadowed by the past and nothing will be the same.

Louis Talpe has just finished shooting the second season of ‘Underfire’. © VRT

For this Flemish-Dutch film, the couple can count on a Flemish ensemble cast including Louis Talpe, Gert Winckelmans, Vic de Wachter, Gilda de Bal, Lynn van Royen and Peter Thyssen.

The Dutch leading role is reserved for Anna Drijver, the police officer from Undercover. We also see Dutch people appearing, such as Maarten Heijmans (Emmy winner for ‘Ramses’), Martijn Hillenius (Flikken Maastricht) and Meral Polat (De Luizenmoeder). Marilou Mermans and young violence Ella Van Remortel, Willem Herbots (‘Ritual’), Zion Luts (‘Bittersweet sixteen’), Helder Onkelinx and Maïmouna Badjie will also be featured in the film.

The Memory Game would appear in cinemas in mid-2023.

The article is in Dutch

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