Start Funerary Salon Tumulus Funeral Huissen

Start Funerary Salon Tumulus Funeral Huissen
Start Funerary Salon Tumulus Funeral Huissen

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HUISSEN – From Thursday 29 September, Cunera Schaapveld Tumulus Uitvaart and Britt van Uem will again organize evening lectures. You are most welcome in the second season of the Funeraire Salons in Huissen.

With the Funeraire Salon, Cunera and Britt want to make themes around death more open for discussion, but above all also provide information. The lectures are always on a Thursday and always start at 7.30 pm with music. The lectures will be concluded with a snack and a drink. Entrance is free.

Sign Up

If you are interested in one or more lectures, please register in advance as places are sometimes limited. Register via email [email protected] or tel. 026-3258440. A voluntary contribution is appreciated.

This second season, the Funeraire Salon offers lectures with special guests in the field of mourning and loss and musical intermezzos of up-and-coming talent. They are lectures that offer room for questions and personal experiences.

Ineke Visser

The first speaker is Ineke Visser (formerly Koedam), chairman of the National Center of Expertise for Dying. Ineke is an expert end-of-life experiences, trainer in (terminal) care and author of books including ‘In the light of dying, experiences on the border of life and death’ and ‘A different view on organ donation – explorations of the dying process’. Ineke teaches us about the stratification of the dying process and what organ donation means for that dying process. Young musical talent that evening is the Huissense Tinka Gerritsen (guitar and vocals).

Thursday 29 September 7.30 pm – Aula Dominican Monastery, Stadsdam 1 in Huissen.


The second lecture is given by thanatopraxeur (light embalming) and trainer deceased care Paula Swinkels. She informs the public in a very accessible way about the provision of the last care and the different ways of laying out.

With great passion and enthusiasm she uses the examples from her rich experience to talk about her mission: ‘to ensure that every family has a beautiful memory of their deceased loved one.’

Thursday 10 October 19.30 – Funeral home of Tumulus Uitvaart, Weverstraat 5 in Huissen.


The third reading is from Sister Astrid Brothers. She is a nurse at Hospice Rozenheuvel (Rozendaal) and has many years of experience in palliative care. She comes to tell us about life in the hospice. And about how she tries to improve the quality of life of the dying person with small adjustments.

Thursday, February 16, 2023 7.30 pm – Funeral home of Tumulus Funeral, Weverstraat 5 in Huissen.


The final piece of the Funerary Salon is the performance ‘Then why don’t you just get a dog?’ by theater group The art of mourning.

Based on the story of the loss of their loved one to death, Stephanie Hulshoff, Mariska van Veenen and Lizette Hofsteenge tell about what they encounter in the sometimes impassable landscape of mourning. An intimate performance with a discussion that exposes the grieving process.

Thursday, June 1, 2023 7.30 pm – Aula Dominican Monastery, Stadsdam 1 in Huissen.

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