“I don’t know who I would put there”

“I don’t know who I would put there”
“I don’t know who I would put there”

September 4, 2022 – PSV made an impression early in the transfer period by presenting one acquisition after another. But the people of Eindhoven have forgotten to attract a second striker. Now that Luuk de Jong is not available, the options for Ruud van Nistelrooij are very limited. Kenneth Perez is quite surprised about that.

Walter Benítez, Ki-Jana Hoever, Xavi Simons, Guus Til… PSV needed little time last summer to make themselves heard on the transfer market. The people of Eindhoven made the most impression with the return of De Jong. The strong striker transferred to Seville in the summer of 2019, but made his return in Eindhoven in July. PSV will not be able to use its services in the near future, however. De Jong was injured in the second game against Rangers FC and is therefore sidelined for a while.

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De Jong’s absence is a downer for PSV, because the former player of FC Twente, Newcastle United and FC Barcelona, ​​among others, is actually the only ‘real’ striker in the selection. Perez had it with This was the Weekend from ESPN even about a ‘very big problem’. “They don’t have a real striker. I don’t know who I would put there now,” said the analyst. Van Nistelrooij replaced De Jong in the past matches with Ismael Saibari or Simons, but ‘of course they are not strikers’, says Perez. “Don’t they have someone walking around in the second?” the Dane wonders.

According to Arnold Bruggink, who was also at the table, Yorbe Vertessen is the only player in the PSV selection who comes close to a ‘real’ striker. In recent seasons, however, the Belgian has mainly functioned as a winger. Moreover, he only participated for the second time this season against FC Twente. Vertessen could not prevent PSV from losing 2-1 in Enschede.

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