“If the organization is ready soon, who knows what is possible for this Feyenoord”

“If the organization is ready soon, who knows what is possible for this Feyenoord”
“If the organization is ready soon, who knows what is possible for this Feyenoord”

Feyenoord played the league match against Go Ahead Eagles on Saturday evening. Feyenoord won the match 3-4 in Deventer with two important goals from Danilo and a world goal from Szymański. In the section ‘Looking back with’ we look back at last Sunday’s game. Together with Ray and Michiel, editors of FR-Fans.nl, we look back on Feyenoord’s victory against ‘the Eagles’.

According to Ray, the football was really excellent at times, ‘but you can see that the team is not yet top organizational. As a result, this Feyenoord can now concede a goal at any time.’ Michiel adds that he is very excited for the game against Lazio Roma that is already scheduled for next Thursday. “If you then make the same organizational and defensive mistakes, you have a completely different caliber of players against you. Players like Immobile, Felipe Anderson and Luis Alberto immediately punish such mistakes,” says Michiel.

“For me, the big star was Patrik Wålemark. What a spectacular development he is going through. Two assists and a lot of threat. He seems to be able to unleash his magical left leg almost effortlessly and has a really healthy dose of swagger,” said Ray. “Slot probably saw Dilrosun as his first choice in the right wing position, but if Wålemark continues to manifest like this I really have to see if Dilrosun keeps his starting spot when Paixão is fit enough and used to it. Although he fell away a bit in the second half,’ adds Michiel approvingly.

Kökçü controlled the midfield as usual and determined the pace of the game for over an hour after the first 15 awkward minutes. “His free kick really deserved a goal,” said Ray. “I agree, a great free kick. I also understand that now that he is captain, he is claiming the free kicks even more. But if you see Szymański’s kick technique in the goal he scores, he should always take every free kick,’ says Michiel. Ray adds that he thought Szymański did indeed play a great game and that the result could have been even wider with all the chances Feyenoord created.

Ray and Michiel were less positive about Bjørkan’s debut. ‘Yet the role of Bjørkan in the 1-0 and of the entire defense in the 2-0 and 3-4 was worrying. Bjørkan suffered a lot of unnecessary ball loss and looked defensively uncomfortable. I hope it’s because he’s only just been on the roster, but right now he doesn’t look any better than Hancko or Hartman at left back,” Ray says. “I found Bjørkan very uncomfortable indeed, both offensively and defensively. It also seems like he lacks some basic technique, he came across as very wooden,’ adds Michiel. ‘In addition, I also didn’t think Hancko and Benita looked great. Both cases, of course, with some caveats. For Hancko, this was his first match in the central duo with Trauner, and Benita made his debut and is only eighteen years old. Still, I expected more from both.’

But let’s stay positive, this Feyenoord can play really good football. If the organization is up and running and we haven’t lost too many points, who knows what might be possible.

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