Mflor lowers prices –

Mflor lowers prices –
Mflor lowers prices –

For months now, the housing market (and certainly the flooring market) has been confronted with continuous price increases and reports of high inflation, just after there have been increases in (container) transport costs worldwide in recent years. All in all, not a pleasant prospect when you want to renovate your home and have to choose a new floor.

Mflor takes a different tack and comes with good news. Instead of increasing the price, the PVC flooring specialist, in consultation with the wholesalers, has opted to reduce the prices of all dryback PVC floors in the collection as of 1 September.

Month after month, consumer confidence is declining due to inflation and other media coverage. Now that international transportation costs have fallen significantly, Mflor and wholesalers are sending an important signal to the market: They have confidence in the future and with this price reduction, the parties involved want to give the sales of PVC floors an extra boost this autumn.

The price reduction will take effect on 1 September 2022 and will apply to the recommended retail prices and the purchase prices at wholesalers. The current recommended prices and purchase prices can be requested from the Mflor wholesalers entrance or Peitsman.

All three companies will also be present at the incoda in Gorinchem from 11 to 13 September.



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