Belgian LRV riders get silver European Championship medal

Belgian LRV riders get silver European Championship medal
Belgian LRV riders get silver European Championship medal

“I am so happy and proud that this fantastic team can donate a silver medal to LRV and to Belgium.” It was an emotional Chef d’equipe Joris Vanspringel, man of many Olympic and Badminton wars, who thanked his riders and amazons. Belgium defended its second place with verve. Jumped on average even better than Germany that had been thought unapproachable. Germany wins gold. Belgium takes silver and the bronze goes to Austria.

In the next issue of Equitime we speak extensively with Joris Van Springel and a few riders from the Belgian team, but this was the first reaction of the debuting chef d’equipe: “I am extremely proud of this group, we are with the necessary setback started at this European Championship, we may not get the points we hoped for in dressage, but this group has shown that they are a group that is cohesive, that goes the extra mile for each other and that, despite their relatively young age, is calm, eager to learn and is motivated. Then a lot is possible and then this silver medal is well deserved. Also for the fantastic supporters and the entire staff. The silver is fantastic, but next year in Sweden, we’re going for gold. And the preparation for that doesn’t start tomorrow. But in the coming weeks. (smile).

In the individual classification, Sybille De Cartier made a serious leap forward. Despite one fault in the show jumping course, Sybille moved up to seventh place with her Un de Nanou (by Verdi). Steven Mariën was one of the few clear combinations in jumping. This resulted in 19th place with his Noortje van de Wendy Kurt Hoeve (by Contadoro vd Helle). Davy Goris rode to 21st place with Contador Z (by Casino). National LRV Champion Stefaan De Pauw took 24th place with Kwinto van ‘t Wijwater (by Breemeersen Crescendo). Yarno Geeroms and Cassandra GZ (by Crescendo) finish with a lot of experience and a 34th place. Kristien Both drove to place 40. Thomas Smeyers to place 41. Tonight there will be a party in the Belgian camp and tomorrow the caravan will leave for Belgium with a fantastic experience and a silver medal in the luggage room.

The individual gold goes to the German rider Nicolas Goldbeck on Cintano 7 (by Chin Champ). Silver is for Brando Schäfer-Gehrau with Fraulein Frieda. Both riders finish on the exact same score but Nicolas Goldbeck’s time was closer to the optimal time. Switzerland’s Christine Lang took bronze.


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