A thousand euros reward for whoever reunites Isabella with pony Miracle

04 September 2022 14:50
Lead Image 1:
Lead image TXT 1: Dustin (left) and Miracle (right) for sale. Photo: Isabella

Isabella van Renswoude hopes to one day find her Miracle pony again. Photo: Isabella.

ELST – Isabella van Renswoude has had to miss her pony Miracle for sixteen years now. After the death of her partner, the gelding, together with his buddy Dustin, went to her in-laws. He then sold the horses. Dustin found them recently, Miracle not yet. She now hopes for a miracle at the horse market in Elst. “Hopefully September 5th will be my lucky day and Miracle will come home too.”

Until 2005, Isabella and her partner Harry took care of the ponies. When he died in an accident, she could not claim the animals because she was not married to Harry. Dustin and Miracle were sold by family; Isabella had nothing to say.

everything on everything

Isabella did everything she could to get the duo back. The horse world was actively involved in the search. Traders, associations and platforms at home and abroad looked forward to the ponies. And not without result: someone recognized Dustin via Facebook. Just before Christmas last year, Isabella embraced her pony. “He neighed and pushed his head against me, very touching.”

Horse Market in Elst

Due to Dustin’s discovery, Isabella is determined to find her other pony as well. On September 5, the annual horse market in Elst is one of the largest in the country. There is a good chance that Miracle van de Kibutz, as the pony is called in full, has already been resold and is offered again there. He probably also has a different name, but according to the studbook the passport details are unchanged.

White spot on forehead

Isabella hopes that the board of the horse market is also alert. “Harry was born in Elste. His father revealed the well-known image of the horse market in Elst.”

Xandra Rakier spoke on Radio Gelderland with Isabella about pony Miracle. Listen back to the conversation here:

She hopes everyone is looking out for the animal. Folks going to the horse market should keep an eye out for an approximately 21 year old brown Connemara pony with a white patch on the forehead. “My happiness is complete when the two ponies are back together in the stable.”

Isabella is also offering 1000 euros to the person with the golden tip.

Dustin (left) and Miracle (right) for sale. – Photo: Isabella

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