Two arrested after Olivia (9) murder in Liverpool

Two arrested after Olivia (9) murder in Liverpool
Two arrested after Olivia (9) murder in Liverpool

A commemorative sign for Olivia during the Everton-Liverpool football match — © AP

Two weeks after the murder of a nine-year-old girl in Liverpool, police have found two suspects. A 34-year-old man from Liverpool was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of murder and attempted murder, Merseyside police said. Detectives also arrested a 41-year-old from Knowsley, near Liverpool, who allegedly helped the man.

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Nine-year-old Olivia was shot and killed at her parents’ home about two weeks ago when a man burst into the house fleeing a gunman. The pursuer shot through the half-open door. A bullet injured the mother’s wrist and hit Olivia in the chest, who died as a result. The case sparked national outcry. Two previous suspects have been released.

Police have also complained about a wall of silence in Liverpool following other deadly crimes. Criminal gangs are known to be very active in the city. These include drugs and distribution struggles.

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