Drunk driver (21) flees after accident and fights with police during arrest (Deurne)

Drunk driver (21) flees after accident and fights with police during arrest (Deurne)
Drunk driver (21) flees after accident and fights with police during arrest (Deurne)

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A drunken young man (21) was arrested on Sunday morning after he tore through the streets of Deurne at high speed. While overtaking a tram, he lost control of the steering wheel. The driver fled, but was later arrested at his home. He vehemently resisted his arrest. The twenty-something was known to the police.

An intervention patrol noticed a car crossing them at high speed on the Herentalsebaan on Sunday morning. Shortly afterwards, the car overtook a tram and the driver lost control of his steering wheel near Kerkhofweg.

“The vehicle rammed into a lighting pole, destroyed a bicycle and crashed into the wall of the cemetery,” said Willem Migom, spokesman for the Antwerp police. “It was badly damaged but luckily it didn’t collapse. The driver left his car and walked away along Kerkhofweg.”

A police patrol visited the home of the owner of the car. Based on the driver’s description, one of the sons qualified as a driver. The young man arrived at the scene while police inquired about the home.

“He showed clear signs of alcohol consumption and had a head injury. However, he denied being involved in an accident and tried to ignore the police check by entering the residence. When the police wanted to search him, he became aggressive and resisted violently,” said Migom.

pepper spray

In the end, it was necessary to use pepper spray before the man could be handcuffed. During his transfer to the police station, he spat and stomped around and berated the police. The young man (21) will be interrogated after sobering up, he turned out to be well known to the police.

During the police check, the driver’s father also intervened to make the police check more difficult. He also verbally abused the police, but was not arrested. The crashed car had to be towed, the destroyed lighting pole was secured by Fluvius.

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