Gossip channel removes messages after calling angry Klaas Otto

Gossip channel removes messages after calling angry Klaas Otto
Gossip channel removes messages after calling angry Klaas Otto

Juice channel Reality FBI has removed a number of messages about Klaas Otto and his girlfriend Gracia. This happened after Otto expressed his anger about it, and offered 1,000 euros to find out the person behind the account on Instagram. On Sunday morning Otto threatened to ‘approach that person on an equal footing’.

The reports that the well-known criminal was angry about were about the explosion at his girlfriend’s house in Den Bosch and the subsequent restraining order.

At the end of July, explosives were detonated at two houses in the Maaspoort district of Den Bosch. The first was a mistake. The second was at the house of Klaas Otto’s new girlfriend. Both Otto and his girlfriend received a restraining order, which has since been lifted. A 20-year-old man from Rotterdam has now been arrested.

Reality FBI
The Reality FBI Instagram page carries daily gossip and previously attracted attention when they published a chat conversation in which a police officer from the school claps about the situation of rapper Lil ‘Kleine, who was incarcerated at the time.

Reality FBI also recently posted reports about the explosion in Den Bosch. In one of those messages, about the lifted restraining order, they write: ‘Klaasje and Graasje Otto can live safely again!’, followed by a poll where visitors can indicate whether they think the two are indeed safe now.

It was clearly against Otto’s sore leg: “Can someone tell me if this person is bald from Scheveningen?”, he writes on Instagram on Sunday morning. “This person makes a lot of people very furious. I want to give 1,000 euros in reward for those who can tell who he is.” Otto indicates that he ‘wants to approach him on an equal footing’.

Otto, former CEO of motorcycle club No Surrender, has been convicted of extortion, threats, aggravated assault and money laundering of 1.3 million euros.

A few hours after placing the call, Reality FBI reports that it has deleted the messages about Otto and his girlfriend. “My apologies to Klaas and Gracia” can be read. Klaas would have been bothered by the messages, and that was never the intention of the gossip channel.

Otto responds again on his own account: “Apologies accepted!!!”, further he indicates that he cannot stand injustice.

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