Nerd Culture #75 on Weird Al Yankovic, Dead for a Dollar & Hellraiser

Nerd Culture #75 on Weird Al Yankovic, Dead for a Dollar & Hellraiser
Nerd Culture #75 on Weird Al Yankovic, Dead for a Dollar & Hellraiser

Yay, the 75th episode of Nerd Culture, an anniversary! Today we discuss news about the new Hellraiser, Disney+ arrives with a Prime subscription, George Miller is thinking about a Mad Max prequel and much more.

Weird Al Yankovic, Operation Seawolf & Dead for a Dollar

Today we have three trailers that we watch in the 75th episode. We kick it off with The Weird Al Yankovic biopic. In perhaps one of the most insane castings, Daniel Radcliffe, we get to hear the bizarre life story of Weird Al Yankovic. Polka, parody and Madonna, what more could you want? To cater to Jelle’s Frank Grillo crush we have the B movie Operation Seawolf starring Frank Grillo and ’80s/90s star Dolph Lundgren. The last trailer we watch in this NC is called Dead for a Dollar. We simply couldn’t ignore this one because of the actor pairing Willem Dafoe and Christophz Waltz. We have no idea what to expect from this low-budget Western, but we’re intrigued.

Disney is thinking of Prime subscription

The House of Mouse is thinking of new ways to monetize their IP and seems to be copying Amazon. Disney is thinking of a Prime variant where cross-selling will be the starting point. With this new subscription you would get access to Disney+ streaming but also, for example, a discount on access to the Disney parks or the possibility to buy exclusive merchandise that will only be available to members. Given the size of Disney and that they own pretty much everything in terms of entertainment, at least a lot is possible.

Chris Rock rejects the Academy Awards

Chris Rock has indicated that he will not accept an invitation from The Academy. Of course it’s all very fresh what happened between Chris Rock and Will Smith, but the stand-up comedian is no longer interested in hosting the festivities again this year. Rock compared the invitation to the victim’s return to the crime scene. So no Chris Rock this year!

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