Filipino sisters: ‘Helping people is not terror!’

Filipino sisters: ‘Helping people is not terror!’
Filipino sisters: ‘Helping people is not terror!’

Sisters in the Philippines who are facing criminal charges for alleged financing of terrorist groups are resolutely denying the allegations. They defend tooth and nail their right to be present and to develop activities in rural and poor areas. The Philippine government had previously accused the Mindanao sisters of violating the counter-terrorism law in support of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPF) and its armed wing.

Sixteen residents of the island of Mindanao, including several sisters, are accused of supporting terrorists on the basis of a controversial anti-terror law.

The sisters argue that they are not enemies of the government. We have not helped any terrorist group. We try to help the population directly. The accusation that they develop projects in rural areas to help CPF members to victory, they call too crazy to run wild. As missionaries, we are determined to remain unwavering in poor areas, even if there is a military presence there or if there is fighting. We are not intimidated by the law.

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