Trump lashes out at Biden: ‘He himself is the enemy of the state’

Trump lashes out at Biden: ‘He himself is the enemy of the state’
Trump lashes out at Biden: ‘He himself is the enemy of the state’

Former US President Donald Trump lashed out at current President Joe Biden in a speech on Saturday night. The FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago residence also suffered during his first public appearance since the raid.

Trump responded to Biden’s fierce speech on Thursday at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

“Biden’s speech was nothing but hatred and anger,” said Trump, who supports two Republican candidates in the state’s midterm congressional elections. He accused Biden of describing his supporters as “threats to democracy” and “enemies of the state.” “He himself is the enemy of the state, along with the group he controls,” Trump said.

Biden called the extremism of Trump and his supporters a threat to democracy. After criticism, Biden clarified on Friday that he does not view all Trump supporters as a threat, but only those who use violence or do not condemn the violence.

Trump also reiterated the FBI raid in which documents were taken from his residence. The ex-president described the raid as “the most striking example of the real threats to American freedom” and “one of the most shocking examples of abuse of power in American history.”

The FBI suspects Trump of taking classified documents. In total, more than 11,000 government documents were seized in the raid.

“It raided not only my home, but the dreams and aspirations of every citizen I’ve fought for since I descended the golden escalator in 2015 when I wanted to represent the people,” he said.

Trump spoke for nearly two hours at the campaign rally. In addition to criticizing the FBI’s investigation, he also cited familiar themes, such as false claims that the election had been rigged.

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