Fall-tiled plants for a touch of spring in the fall

Fall-tiled plants for a touch of spring in the fall
Fall-tiled plants for a touch of spring in the fall

Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale), strongly reminiscent of the crocus, but the root vegetable belongs to a different family and has a very different flowering time. It blooms in the autumn, completely without leaves. Its leaves then reappear in the spring and die back at the beginning of the summer.

Planting time

Autumn crocus should be planted just a little earlier than bulbous plants that flower in spring. Late summer, from August or September, is the ideal time. The flowers will then already bloom in the following autumn. It also owes its name to this, a plant that has no autumn tide. Plant the tubers in well-drained soil, in sun or partial shade. At a depth of about 5 centimeters and at least 15 centimeters apart, the leaves also have sufficient space in the spring.

Bloom without soil

Autumn crocus can also bloom indoors and without soil. He doesn’t even need watering for that. The 10 centimeters high, lilac-pink flowers look extra beautiful. You can do this once. In order to flower again, you must still plant it in the ground after flowering.

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Further care tips

In order to flower properly again, it is important that autumn crocus can absorb sufficient food from the leaves. Therefore, keep snails away and allow the foliage to die off completely before removing it. An autumn crocus that enjoys it will naturalize on its own, so after a few years you can enjoy several specimens. In addition to the lilac-pink version, there are other colors of autumn crocuses. Grower and gardener Krijn Spaan tells more about this in a green tip.


All parts of the autumn styling are poisonous and skin contact can already cause irritation. It is therefore preferable to wear gloves when planting.

(Source: Krijns groentips, Gardeners World, De Tuinen van Appeltern, MijnTuin.org. Photo: Shutterstock)

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