Diawara and Vertonghen must avert crisis at Anderlecht

RSC Anderlecht did not start the season well. The inhabitants of Brussels clearly needed a quality injection and that came with Amadou Diawara and Jan Vertonghen. Can they avert the crisis?

Felice Mazzu started with a 9 out of 18 and a qualification for the group stage of the Conference League. Anderlecht have played a total of 10 games since the start of the season. They have won 6 times and lost 4 times. The Purple & White will probably not compete for the title again this year, but the top four is a must. It may gradually start working for the inhabitants of Brussels.

There was a lot of praise after the first matches of the season, but our editors already indicated that Anderlecht mainly played against teams that fell outside the top eight last year and Paide had a poor opponent in Europe. That RSCA would achieve results there was the least expected. The first tests followed against Young Boys Bern, Union SG and AA Gent. That went dramatically with 3 defeats in 4 matches. The board also saw that a quality injection was needed.

Abadou Diawara came over from AS Roma and Jan Vertonghen from Benfica. Two experienced men who also came definitively and were not hired. They must be built on. It was clear that extra experience was needed with only Hendrik Van Crombrugge, Wesley Hoedt, Michael Murillo, Adrien Trebel and Lior Refaelov. Diawara and Vertonghen are therefore in any case an added value.

Mazzu will drop Vertonghen in the starting lineup anyway, possibly against OHL. But who should give way? Wesley Hoedt or Hannes Delcroix? Hoedt does not seem like a pleasant player as a banker, Delcroix is ​​a potential Red Devil. Both, however, did not start the season too impressively and clearly have yet to look into this system.

In the midfield, Diawara will become the defensive force. It remains to be seen who will play next to him. Marco Kana did exceptionally well alongside Josh Cullen last year, but Mazzu is keen to have a dynamic midfielder. Enter Kristian Arnstad and when will Majeed Ashimeru finally be ready for duty? The question is, however, how quickly Diawara and Vertonghen are top fit? Diawara has not played a match for AS Roma since December 2021 and in 2022 he only played 5 matches with the national team. Vertonghen played a lot more, but is also not 100% ready in terms of match rhythm.

However, there has to be a win against OHL and best also against Silkeborg on Thursday. The fans are slowly starting to stir. The board expressed (via the coach) great ambitions and the results and the football currently leave much to be desired. The strong flute concerts against AA Gent were a sign. We have to win against OHL and preferably with much better football. Mazzu may count on an experienced axis against OHL with guys like Van Crombrugge, Vertonghen (and Hoedt?), Diawara and Refaelov. They must take the team by the hand and avert the crisis. It’s going to be an important afternoon against OHL.


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