Samsung S95B Review – Tweakers

Samsung S95B Review – Tweakers
Samsung S95B Review – Tweakers


The S95B is Samsung’s first QD OLED TV. The device combines high brightness with perfect contrast, excellent viewing angles and accurate color reproduction. Thanks to the QD OLED panel, the S95B is brighter than regular OLED TVs and the color saturation is maintained even at high brightness. The price of Samsung’s S95B is also considerably lower than the Sony A95K, the only other QD OLED available at the time of writing, while the performance of both models is comparable. As far as we’re concerned, the Samsung S95B is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-end TV.

If you say Samsung TV, you say QLED. At least that has been the case in recent years. Where other manufacturers such as Sony, Philips, Panasonic and LG all use OLED panels in their top models, it has been QLED at Samsung since 2017. QLED, a marketing name for LCD televisions with a quantum dot film for the backlight to enable a large color range, had several advantages over the competition’s OLED televisions, according to Samsung.

Nevertheless, Samsung is now also bringing an OLED television to the market with the OLED S95B, without wanting to detract from the QLED models that it still has in its program. In fact, the Neo QLED QN95B (review) is officially the top model of the 4k model series for 2022 and that model is positioned above the S95B discussed here in terms of image quality and price. Officially, because the retail price of the QLED QN95B has now fallen to just below that of S95B OLED and also in terms of image quality, the question is whether the QLED model should be placed above the QD OLED television.

We will try to answer that last question in this review, just like the question of what the differences are with the Sony A95K (review), which we previously tested, which uses exactly the same QD OLED panel. That Sony TV showed very good test results. Our only criticism of that model was its high price. At the time of writing, the 55″ version of the Sony A95K costs just under 2800 euros. Samsung shows with the S95B that it can also be cheaper, because you can buy this TV for just a little less when we publish this article. than 1600 euros, a huge price difference. Just like Sony, Samsung only offers its QD-oled TV in 55″ and 65″ format. Other flavors are simply not available for this panel. Has Samsung taken shortcuts to enable that lower price or is this perhaps the result of the somewhat forced place in the lineup between the QLED models?

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