Three years ago he survived a crash at Spa-Francorchamps that killed his colleague, now Juan Manuel Correa is back on the podium

The Grand Prix of the Netherlands provided a wonderful moment on Saturday. In the sprint race in the Formula 3 championship, Juan Manuel Correa finished in second place. An achievement to which we take our hats off, as it is his first podium finish in racing since he suffered horrific injuries almost day after day three years ago in a crash during a Formula 2 race at Spa-Francorchamps. Correa survived the accident, his colleague Anthoine Hubert did not.

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On Saturday 31 August 2019, three years ago earlier this week, the entire motorsport world came to a standstill. During the weekend of the Belgian Grand Prix, a driver lost his life at Spa-Francorchamps during the first Formula 2 race. Juan Manuel Correa was unable to avoid the already crashed car of his colleague Anthoine Hubert on the exit of the lightning-fast Raidillon corner. Correa rammed him at high speed, breaking Hubert’s car in two.

Hubert, 22 – then a multiple race winner in his F2 debut season – was killed in the horrific accident. Correa survived, although his life hung by a thread for a while and he ended up in an artificial coma. The young talent suffered serious injuries to his legs, lungs and spine. The injuries to his right leg were so serious that it almost had to be amputated. (Read more below the photo)

During his rehabilitation, Correa visited the GP of Belgium in 2020: here he can be seen at the site where the serious accident happened. — © REUTERS

Last year, the Ecuador-born American already surprised by announcing his comeback in racing after a tough rehabilitation of a year and a half. He did that at a high level, because Correa signed with the ART team to compete in Formula 3. “Formula 1 is still my dream. This is the first step of my comeback,” he said at the time. A sixth place would be his best result: he finished the 2021 season as 21st in the championship.

Tribute to Hubert

Also this year Correa will compete for ART in the Formula 3 championship. He is now going through a better season, and during the sprint race at Zandvoort on Saturday, the reward finally followed: a first podium place. Correa led for several laps in the early stages of the race, but eventually finished second behind Brazilian Caio Collet. And that almost day after day three years after the accident that changed his life.

“We all know who this is for,” Correa, now 23, wrote on Twitter. One of the accompanying photos shows him pointing to a logo on his helmet that commemorates the deceased Hubert. Or how the Frenchman who died much too early is still not forgotten in the world.

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