Tell us who your Brabander of the Year 2022 is

Tell us who your Brabander of the Year 2022 is
Tell us who your Brabander of the Year 2022 is

Raising money for a good cause while you are seriously ill yourself. Running a shop where families with little money can pick out toys for free. Going to live in a care home to provide happy moments for people with dementia. Some people completely ignore themselves for their fellow man. Perhaps you know such people who deserve to be honored every now and then.

Omroep Brabant has won the election of Brabander of the Year for this. That is someone who is always willing to help others. Who puts everything aside to help someone else or who takes action when someone is in need. Do you know someone like that? Then register it now? We will choose five nominees from all entries, whom we will put in the spotlight during a special TV broadcast. A number of Efteling tickets will be distributed among the people who submit contenders.

Send an email with your contender to [email protected]. State the name and place of residence of the candidate you want to nominate and explain why that person should be named ‘Brabanter of the Year 2022’. Also don’t forget your own details, because if the person you have registered is selected, we will contact you.

The five nominees will be invited to the Winter Efteling. There will also be announced who can call themselves the Brabanter of the Year 2022.

Some winners
Last year Charles Engelen and Ans van den Broek from Deurne took the title. Together they run Pompidom SpeelGOED, a shop where families who have little to spend can pick out toys for free. Because every child deserves a present, according to Charles and Ans.

Teun Toebes from Best was also Brabander of the Year in 2019. Teun won because of his commitment to people with dementia. He creates moments of happiness for them and has even moved into a nursing home so that he can do even more for these elderly people.

Nail polish hero Tijn Kolsteren from Hapert was posthumously appointed honorary Brabant in 2017. Tijn raised a lot of money for charity by painting his nails, while he himself was seriously ill. He died of brain stem cancer at the age of 6. His parents received the certificate for Tijn.

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