Suspected accident Oud Gastel is still detained, drug and alcohol test negative

Suspected accident Oud Gastel is still detained, drug and alcohol test negative
Suspected accident Oud Gastel is still detained, drug and alcohol test negative

NOS Newstoday, 10:56

In the fatal accident in Oud Gastel, in which two women and two children were killed yesterday, no alcohol or drugs seem to be involved. The 27-year-old man from Roosendaal who was arrested, the driver of the car that collided with the car containing the women and children, was tested immediately after the accident and the results were negative. The man is still in custody.

The 9-year-old girl who was injured in the accident is out of danger. Her mother (42) did not survive the accident. This also applies to a mother of 39, her daughter of 10 and her son of 8. All came from Bosschenhoofd, in North Brabant, not far from Oud Gastel. The occupants of the other car are “almost unharmed”, according to police.

It is not yet clear why the two cars collided with each other on the Blauwhekken. For the time being, the police assume that the black Mercedes with the driver from Roosendaal collided with the Toyota with the women and children. Police have yet to say anything about the circumstances under which it happened. “Everything is under investigation.” Incidentally, the Mercedes had a German registration.

Traffic lights were off

It is clear that the traffic lights were off at the point where it happened. They were blinking. “That may also have something to do with it, we’re looking at that too.” A maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour was allowed on the road.

The road near the industrial estate where it happened and a large area around it – including exits – are still closed for the time being and the police are investigating traces, including drones. Camera images around the accident site are also requested and viewed.

Police praise the bystanders who came to the rescue immediately after the accident. Some of them have helped with CPR and first aid. “Although it did not help afterwards, I still want to give a very big compliment to those people. Just imagine: first two motorcycle police officers came to the scene and then you have too few hands. They were very much helped by the bystanders with resuscitate,” said a spokesman.

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