Great! During this festival you will discover Leiden like never before

Great! During this festival you will discover Leiden like never before
Great! During this festival you will discover Leiden like never before

The Night of Discoveries is back! After being away for two years, you can finally discover, experience and experience everything again during De Nacht. In the evening and night of September 17, you will discover all kinds of things at this cool festival. Learn to photograph stars with your mobile, do the spicy pepper taste test with your friends and marvel at optical illusions scattered throughout the festival site.

Extra fun: Leiden is the European City of Science. So this year is already all about science and curiosity, so that gives De Nacht an extra boost. If in doubt, this is the year to go!

Full program

What can you expect? Well that’s almost too much to list. The Night of Discoveries is divided between the Hortus botanicus, the Academy Building and the Old Observatory. Here you will find performances, exhibitions, debates, workshops, lectures, art… you name it! Starting makers, young researchers, artists and performers let you see, hear, taste and smell everything they have to offer.

Young programmers

This packed program has been put together by the three ambassadors of the festival: Eslin, Omar and Sophie. These three twentysomethings take you on a journey of discovery through culture, science and society. They know what is going on among the young generation in Leiden. Almost all artists, scientists and artists who participate are under the age of 40.


This is planned, among other things:

  • Go wild in the silent disco up on the funky tunes from Strik & Tight
  • Follow a workshop about deepfakes: how does it work, what are the dangers and the possibilities?
  • Discover alien dishes in the microgravity food show. The what? You have to discover that for yourself!
  • Learn how to capture the stars with your mobile
  • Be amazed by the stories of Oobah Butler, who rose to fame for creating a restaurant that didn’t exist yet became the top-rated location in London on TripAdvisor
  • Discover what happens to Thomas Dulfer’s heart when it is amplified live while making music

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Tip: view the program in advance on the site. This way you know in advance what you really don’t want to miss and you know where to go to experience it. By the way, you do not have to register for the program components.

Discovery tour

The Night is all about discovering. You do the same while walking from one location to another, because along the way you see luminous works of art in the canals and moving art objects in the streets. You suddenly see Leiden in a completely different way.


New to Leiden for your studies? Then take this opportunity to discover the city! Everyone is of course welcome, even if you have lived in Leiden for years. There is no special children’s program, but there is also plenty to discover and experience for kids from 12 years old.


A nice extra: the Gaia exhibition in the Pieterskerk in Leiden. This work of art has previously been displayed in world cities such as London, Melbourne, Shanghai and Washington. It lets you experience how big the earth is (and how small you are). The Pieterskerk will also open its doors on 17 September, especially for De Nacht. By the way, this is accessible to everyone, even if you don’t go to the festival.

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Photo: Night of Discoveries

festival atmosphere

On the festival site you can get food at the Orangerie in the Hortus botanicus or at one of the food trucks. If you haven’t finished the party by midnight, there’s also a cool afterparty! The afterparty costs 10 euros but is free if you already have a ticket for The Night of Discoveries.


The Night of Discoveries is on Saturday, September 17 from 7 p.m. to midnight. From Central Station it is only a 15-minute walk to the festival heart on the Rapenburg. Tickets are 19.50 euros and 12.50 euros for students (including the afterparty!) and can be ordered online.

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