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Nils Frahm treats us with “Briefly” to a third song from his new album Music For Animals. Den Beir considers itself very lucky with such a title. In December 2021, the German released Old Friends New Friends, a calm-sounding studio album in the spirit of French composer Erik Satie. This time, he has something else in store and sets out on a slow meditative journey of discovery.

When you listen to “Briefly”, you find yourself briefly in another world, although the title sounds a bit ironic. Frahm takes you along in a soundscape of no less than twenty-seven minutes and two seconds. The German is known for his balance between electronic and classical songs, where the comparison with composers such as Ólafur Arnalds and FS Blumm certainly holds. Yet all three have their own and versatile style. For his latest song, Nils leaves his piano untouched and explores his electronic side.

“Briefly” shows that Nils Frahm is king in instrumental storytelling. At the same time, he gives the listener sufficient space for his own interpretation. That is, after all, his intention. If you listen to the song together with the two previously released singles “Lemon Day” and “Right Right Right”, you will feel an early hibernation beckon. Fortunately, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. This track proves that Frahm’s upcoming album can be at least as good as the previous one. The song creates a cinematic and ambient atmosphere, which makes it easy to listen to for multiple purposes. It lends itself well to soothing background music, but as with Frahm’s other songs, we recommend an attentive listening experience. Who knows what you will discover. “Briefly” brings you into an intimate state of ‘just being’, just like animals can do so beautifully.

“Briefly” will be heard on Music For Animals, which is scheduled to be released on September 23. Although Nils Frahm dares to take three hours for the playing time of the album, we hope that the man will pamper us without disappearing too brightly into the background. On October 19, Frahm will play to a sold-out Queen Elisabeth Hall.


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