Breakthrough in investigation into murdered Knut (55): arrest in Switzerland | Inland

Breakthrough in investigation into murdered Knut (55): arrest in Switzerland | Inland
Breakthrough in investigation into murdered Knut (55): arrest in Switzerland | Inland

A breakthrough in the stalled investigation into the violent death of Capellenaar Knut (55): the Swiss police made an arrest on Thursday evening. The victim’s mother is relieved. “I thought it wouldn’t work anymore.”

It concerns a 30-year-old man with no fixed place of residence or residence. The man was arrested by Swiss police on Thursday evening. He, a native Moroccan, was recently reported for the murder of Knut.

The Dutch police cannot say exactly how the man ran into the lamp. It is certain that a DNA match came to the Swiss office: the arrested person turned out to be the man who is wanted in the Netherlands.

The name of this person recently came into the picture with the police, says a spokesperson. “After Knut’s death, we found a piece of DNA in the house. That DNA profile resulted in a hit in Switzerland on Thursday evening.”

‘Terribly beaten up’

Capellenaar Knut was killed in his home at the Kringdans last May. Neighbors found the lifeless body and saw that their friend was ‘terribly beaten up’.

The police deployed a large detective team on the case, but no arrests were made. Last year, the police released an unblurred photo of a ‘very important witness’. This man was at the door of the Capellenaar twice on May 26, 2021, the day on which Knut was last seen.

A spokesperson cannot say whether the person arrested is the man in the photo. “That is a possibility and is being looked at.”

Date gone wrong

Relatives feared from the start for a date that got out of hand. Over the past year and a half, the criminal investigation department has therefore explicitly sought answers within the gay community. For example, officers visited gay meeting places in the Schollebos, the Kralingse Bos and the Ruyven parking lot along the A13. They also tried to find out the username of the Capellenaar on dating app Grindr and dating site Bullchat. The efforts hardly paid off.

A year after Knut’s death, the police said they would keep all scenarios open. “It can be a date gone wrong, a robbery murder, but also something completely different.”

Mother of Knut: ‘I am completely surprised’

The news about the arrest comes as a complete surprise to Margit Rietveld (77), Knut’s mother. “I’m quite surprised that it still worked. I thought this was way too complicated a matter. I am relieved.”

Over the past year and a half, she has heard about other murders in the media, she says. “And those investigations all seemed to go so smoothly. Each time, the police arrested a suspect. But Knut’s case, I thought, will never be solved.”

The fact that the suspect was arrested in Switzerland raises questions for her. “I think it’s a very different story. But we’ll hear about it later.”


The Public Prosecution Service has asked the Swiss authorities to extradite the man in his thirties. Since Switzerland does not belong to the European Union, the police cannot say how long it may take for the suspect to arrive in the Netherlands.

A spokesperson speaks of ‘very good news’. Also for the next of kin. We are almost a year and a half further.”

Research at the house at the Kringdans. © MediaTV

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