Coca-Cola raises prices in our country due to rising costs

Coca-Cola raises prices in our country due to rising costs
Coca-Cola raises prices in our country due to rising costs


Coca-Cola is raising prices in our country. The company confirmed this on Friday. The soda giant refers to the rising costs it faces. However, how much a can of Coca-Cola will cost in the store will depend on the supermarkets.

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Coca-Cola is also experiencing the consequences of high inflation in our country, says a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Belgium. That is the bottler that is responsible for the production, distribution and sale of Coca-Cola drinks in our country. We are mainly experiencing increases in our energy, transport, labor and packaging costs.

That is why a price increase will follow in October, the company confirms. Coca-Cola says it will not pass on the full cost to customers. “We understand the unprecedented and difficult period for our customers and consumers, which is why we will not translate the full costs,” said spokeswoman Maud Collée.

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Not clear how much

The company does not want to say how much Coca-Cola wants to raise prices. “That is part of the negotiations,” it sounds. How much the consumer will ultimately pay for his can of soft drink also depends on the retailer’s pricing strategy.

Beverage and food producers are trying to pass on the rising cost price for their products to the supermarkets. These price negotiations regularly lead to empty shelves in supermarkets. For example, there is currently a price conflict between retailers Delhaize and Lidl with dairy producer Danone.

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