New Singles CARM – “More and More” (feat. Eddie Brickrell) & “Essex Girl”

You might not say it, but the influence of the brothers Dessner and Justin Vernon on the music landscape in 2022 is much bigger than you think. For example, the first two worked with many big names (such as Taylor Swift) and the latter could also be heard on the new work of The National. The fact that they have also set up a joint music label under the name 37d03d only makes that fact even greater. With Bon Iver finally going back on tour soon, it seemed the ideal moment for Vernon to announce that CARM, under contract with his label, will not only provide the support act, but also have a second album ready. . The fact that CJ Camerieri could already be heard on songs by the aforementioned bands makes it all the more interesting.

So now we get to hear two previews from CARM II, an album in which the American trumpeter says he could lose his egg more than ever. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that “More and More” spans more than five minutes, which in turn gives the song plenty of time to develop. Together with Eddie Brickwell, the single builds up nicely euphorically, under the watchful eye of a dreamy beat and of course the copper work of Camerieri. The latter often returns in a Bon Iver-like manner throughout the song, although the euphoria turns into mystery every now and then as the song progresses.

With “Essex Girl” it is a lot more relaxed, because this track immediately starts with up-tempo cheerful horns and a banjo that immediately curls the corners of your mouth upwards. Bigger, more euphoric and above all much sunnier, because in no time you get the feeling that musical sunbeams are shining on your face. No lyrics, but just music on this B-side, which perfectly balances “More and More”. In other words, CARM presents us with two different foretaste, each of which, in its own way, simply fits together again. What they do have in common, for example, is that they make us both passionate about CARM II.

CARM will be the support act for Bon Iver in the Sportpaleis on Thursday 3 November. CARM II will be released on October 21, featuring features from the likes of Justin Vernon, Gabriella Smith and Sid Sriram.

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