no criminal offenses in the death of baby in Ter Apel

no criminal offenses in the death of baby in Ter Apel
no criminal offenses in the death of baby in Ter Apel

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No criminal offenses came to light during the investigation into the cause of death of the baby who died at the registration center in Ter Apel. The Public Prosecution Service in the Northern Netherlands reports this on the basis of preliminary investigations by forensic investigation and the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). Therefore, there will be no criminal investigation.

The three-month-old baby died a week and a half ago in the sports hall on the grounds of the application center. It was set up as an emergency shelter because all regular places in the center were full.

The Public Prosecution Service has not yet been able to determine the cause of death. The Public Prosecution Service only looked at possible criminal offenses, but nothing has come to light. The public prosecutor has therefore released the body. In addition to examining the body, witnesses were also heard.

Further research

Under the direction of the NFI, additional research is being carried out by specialized forensic neuropathologists. The outcome of this will only be available in six to nine months.

The Public Prosecution Service emphasizes that the final judgment can therefore only be given later. Due to the social unrest, it was decided to publish the provisional conclusion. The Public Prosecution Service says that this will most likely also be the final verdict.

Several investigations were started immediately after the death became known. The Health and Youth Care Inspectorate and the Justice and Security Inspectorate said they were looking at all aspects that could have played a role in the death. This includes looking at the available care and living conditions in and around the application centre. It is also checked whether there is a medical cause and whether care has been provided previously.

Shocked reactions

The news of the baby’s death sparked shock, including abroad. The European Commission has announced that it expects the Netherlands to conduct a thorough investigation. It was the first time that the executive board of the EU responded to the problems in Ter Apel.

Two days after the baby’s death, MSF decided to provide emergency aid at the application center. The aid organization has not previously taken action in the Netherlands.

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