“Cucumbers the success, peppers the disappointment of the greenhouse vegetable season”

Tholen – The high costs are currently a major point of attention in the greenhouse vegetable market. Prices vary considerably per product. For example, the price of tomatoes has had a significant dip in recent weeks, the price of peppers was the most disappointing this season and cucumber prices are exceptionally high. Arie Middelburg of GreenMatch, which is involved in the development of sales and pricing, among other things, takes stock.

“The tomato harvest per square meter was high in the past period, thanks to the good summer. This did put a lot of pressure on sales in the past month, while it had gone very well in the spring. Now that we are gradually entering the autumn and we have less light, production decreases and prices are rising again.This applies in particular to the vine tomatoes and specialties, but the prices for loose tomatoes are now also rising somewhat as expected,” says Arie.

“The pepper market has been very volatile this year. We also had good productions in the summer with this item. The supply has decreased somewhat in recent weeks and prices have finally gone up again, but it is still far from enough to towards the average of recent years, let alone covering the higher costs,” continues Arie. “In addition, we have seen quite a bit of loss in cultivation in peppers and the acreage will decrease somewhat, so that there may be more scarcity in the coming period as long as there is no significant supply from Spain yet. There is considerable competition from Eastern Europe. Hopefully the market will improve in the coming weeks, but for now the pepper prices are the most disappointing of the greenhouse vegetables this season.”

The sales of the cucumbers this year is a completely different story. “A success story, twenty cents was briefly a low price in the spring this year. The level of prices has been almost constantly higher compared to previous years. With long-term pricing of 30 to 60 cents each, the cucumber price is special this year There was much less lighted cultivation, but the production of conventional crops also started later this spring with a lower acreage this season, which has had major consequences for a permanent scarcity. but looking at the yields per m2 with this good summer, it is a good season for cucumber growers,” Arie notes. “After all, the price of aubergines has unfortunately been very common this season. Prices are now rising somewhat, but that was and is desperately needed.

Arie does not dare to venture too much into predictions for the coming season. “The illuminated cultivation was already much smaller this year and that is expected to decrease even further. The entire illuminated cultivation story simply cannot be calculated with these gas prices. Southern Europe will of course try to respond to this, but they also have limitations and can not just absorb that. All in all, quite a lot is going to happen this winter and early spring 2023 in the (lesser) supply to retail and therefore also consumers. The lower productions will not stop at a few percent”, concludes arie.

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