Dionne Slagter dives into true crime stories for new program

Her interest in true crime has already led Dionne Slagter (32) to make a successful YouTube series and a podcast series, but now it’s time for the next step. For TV channel ID, the well-known YouTuber will dive into high-profile crime stories from the 90s on television from Friday.

“So much happened in the 90s and there is an awful lot of footage of it because the American Court TV was closely following all those cases at the time”

“It’s been there since I was about 13 or 14 years old,” Dionne says about her penchant for crime stories. “Around that age I started watching true crime on TV. It always triggered me somehow and then I searched the internet to see if I could find more about it.”

The first murder case that affected her was that of JonBenét Ramsey, the American beauty queen. “That girl and I were also the same age when she was killed, so it kind of grew with me. It also became the first topic of both my YouTube series and the murder castmy podcast series.”

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The murder of JonBenét, although committed in the 90s, does not appear in True Crimes or The 90s with Dionne Slagter, the program she makes from Friday for crime channel ID. Matters that are covered include those around OJ Simpson, Maurizio Gucci and Gianni Versace. “So much happened in the 90s and there is an awful lot of footage of it because the American Court TV followed all those cases closely at that time. You can’t imagine that now, but everything that happened in the courtroom was recorded Very interesting, because they have often become iconic stories.”

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Being so preoccupied with crime has not made the influencer more anxious, in his own words. “No, I think I can handle it better and better,” she says. “Although there are certainly things that don’t bother me. For example, I have a great fear of burglars myself. So if I handle a case about an intruder or someone who suddenly stands by someone’s bed, I can still sometimes have a nightmare about it.”

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The YouTuber has never seriously thought about a job at the criminal investigation department, she says. “No, I used to want to be a singer so I did a lot of auditions. There was actually nothing else in my head. In retrospect I think: that could certainly have been a direction for me. But that is in retrospect. I am now 32 and have the papers are not for, so don’t see it happening so soon.”

Helping solve unresolved cases using her reach may be an option, Dionne says. “We have been approached in the past, but nothing concrete has ever come out. I would be open to it, because I have a large platform. It would be nice if we could help solve a problem in the future. matter.”

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