‘The Witcher’: Everyone who hunts Ciri in a row

‘The Witcher’: Everyone who hunts Ciri in a row
‘The Witcher’: Everyone who hunts Ciri in a row

The Witcher Season 3 tells a gripping story about the hunt for Ciri.

The Witcher in season 1 still revolved around the separate stories of Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg and Ciri. But in Season 2 we saw that Ciri and Geralt were connected and in Season 3 they will be even more connected, namely all three!

They also need that, because in The Witcher everyone is after Ciri. She is more special than she might have imagined, due to her Elder Blood and the mysterious powers she has. So in season 3 she is being hunted and in this article we tell you by whom.

Nilfgaard & The White Flame: the White Flame turned out to be Ciri’s father, Emhyr van Emries, aka ‘Duny’, Pavetta’s husband. Exactly why he is after his daughter and hunting her is not certain, but it probably has to do with a prophecy that reveals that his son has Elder Blood and will rule the Continent. Ciri has that, so maybe she should have his child.

Francesca Findabair & The Elves: Season 2 delved deeper into the stories of the elves. They are hated by everyone, all because of their complex story. In Season 2, elves rebuild their community and look for a permanent home. Francesca got in The Witcher a child, but that was murdered. At the end of Season 2, she heard about Ciri and her blood, and decided to look for her.

The Brotherhood of Sorcerers: Triss shared her information and knowledge about Ciri with Tissaia, who in turn shared it with Vilgefortz. He decided it was time to find Ciri so that she could then be used to stop all wars.

Lydia van Bredevoort & Rience: Lydia is a sorceress who works for a mysterious employer and tries to catch Ciri. For this she has the help of Rience, who uses forbidden magic.

The Wild Hunt: The most dangerous addition to the list of enemies chasing Ciri in The Witcher Season 3. This group hunts through the skies on undead horses and is seen as the sign of war to come. They come from another world and can travel through time and space and want to capture Ciri and bring Elder Blood back to their own kind.

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