What time does BeReal arrive today?

What time does BeReal arrive today?
What time does BeReal arrive today?

At Streamwijzer we always keep you informed about the latest movies and series on the best streaming services in the Netherlands, but we also update you from time to time about the biggest trends in the digital landscape. One of the hits of the moment is the BeReal app, where you get a notification every day and share a simultaneous photo of the front and back of your camera with your friends. But at what time can you actually expect that notification? In this article we will answer the frequently asked question: what time does BeReal arrive today?

Times of the BeReal notifications in the Netherlands

BeReal is the new social media app that works like a daily version of Instagram. Every day you will receive a notification at a random different time, after which you will have 2 minutes to take a picture with both the front and rear cameras of your phone. Everyone in your time zone does this at the same time, encouraging you to show what your “real life” looks like at a random time of the day. Hence the name ‘BeReal’. There are therefore no filters to place over photos and you get a short time to place ‘on time’, so that photos are not often redone.

Many people wonder what time the BeReal notification comes today. The answer to this is actually simple: nobody really knows. Every day a new random time is chosen by the app, so you can never take into account a notification at the desired time. That would also defeat the purpose of sharing your ‘real life’. It is clear that notifications never come at night and you will usually receive a push notification somewhere between 09:00 in the morning and 22:00 in the evening to post your BeReal.

Difference in what time the BeReal notification comes per country

If you are in another country (and therefore a different time zone), you will have to adjust your destination in the app to get the notification on the time of that location. Otherwise, you can still receive a notification if you are snoring in bed. You still can’t adjust the time yourself and the timing of the notification remains completely arbitrary. Sometimes to the dismay of users, as can be read in the comments below on Twitter.

Movies and series about social media

Of course at Streamwijzer we will always continue to write about films and series (and podcasts, audiobooks, sports and more), so we would like to give a few interesting viewing tips for lovers of titles about social media. This is how you stream the wildly popular documentary at Netflix since 2020 The Social Dilemma and people who register for free at Pathé Thuis can choose to go to, among other things, hard candy (2005), Searching (2018) or Spree (2020), either by renting them or buying them (up to 60% off your first movie). If you have CineMember or Videoland, you look at The Circle (2017) and as a Viaplay subscriber is currently here The Social Network (2010) to see. Have fun viewing!

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