Refueling in the Netherlands cheaper than in Germany

Refueling in the Netherlands cheaper than in Germany
Refueling in the Netherlands cheaper than in Germany

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Refueling in the Netherlands is cheaper than in Germany for the first time in years. Last night the so-called Tankrabatt, a temporary tax cut on fuel, stopped there, causing prices to skyrocket.

For three months, Germans received an advantage of 17 cents on a liter of diesel and 35 cents on a liter of petrol. During that period, fuel prices continued to rise, and due to the expiry of the benefit, the price is now in many cases higher than 2 euros. Diesel varies from 2.10 euros to even above 2.30 euros.

In the Netherlands, the price for a liter of petrol and diesel is less than 2 euros in some places. The cheapest gas station offers Euro 95 for 1.90 euros per liter and diesel for 1.95 euros, according to figures from Fuel-Finder. Here, too, excise duties have been reduced by the government. New government purchasing power plans show that the advantage will remain for the time being.

Prices in Germany are expected to rise further. Pump owners have been buying fuel at the reduced rate in recent days. When those stocks are exhausted, the effect of the lost tax advantage will only really become visible.

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The German government introduced the tax cut to spare citizens during a period of high inflation. In addition to the discount on fuel, it was also possible to travel by public transport for 9 euros per month. That advantage also expired last night.

Since the German tax benefit was introduced at the beginning of June, many Dutch people crossed the border to refuel. That also happened on the last day of the reduced excise duty, says a spokesperson for the Tank Stations Association (BETA). He expects that Germans living on the border will now come to refuel in the Netherlands.

The new prices in Germany are favorable for the Dutch gas station operators at the border. They saw their income fall because in the border area fuel was mainly in Germany. Now that the excise duty reduction has expired, many Dutch people will again show “normal fueling behaviour”, which means that revenues will rise again, BETA believes.

Excise duty has also been reduced in Belgium. There, the arrangement is said to remain in effect at least until March.

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