Man (22) charged with murder after Dutch soldier’s death in Indianapolis

Man (22) charged with murder after Dutch soldier’s death in Indianapolis
Man (22) charged with murder after Dutch soldier’s death in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

NOS Newstoday, 22:36

The man detained for shooting the Dutch commando Simmie Poetsema (26) has been charged with murder. Shamar Duncan (22) is suspected of opening fire on a group of Dutch soldiers in the American city of Indianapolis last weekend.

In addition to the charge of murder, the suspect is also charged with attempted murder twice for wounding two other servicemen. The Marion County Prosecutor made the announcement today. Duncan was arrested on the basis of CCTV footage and witness statements, the local newspaper The Indianapolis Star reported yesterday on the basis of a police report.

The shooting happened last weekend at a hotel after a fight between Duncan’s group and a number of Dutch soldiers. According to the newspaper, witnesses said that the Americans were looking for a fight and that a fight ensued. One of the Americans would have been knocked down. The deceased Poetsema is said to have tried to calm the quarrel.

Poetsema’s body will be brought to the Netherlands today:

Duncan and his friends would later have driven past the hotel of the Dutch in a pickup truck. Duncan opened fire on the Dutch from the back seat, according to a witness.

In an initial statement, Duncan is said to have told police that his group was drunk when they got into an argument. He declined to say what happened next, according to The Indianapolis Star.

Full recovery

One of the injured Dutchmen is on his way back to the Netherlands, according to a local deputy police chief. The other can also go home soon. Both are expected to make a full recovery.

The three commandos were in the state of Indiana for a drill urban warfare, conducting combat in a densely built environment. Poetsema died in hospital. His family and colleagues were with him.

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