New: Wrong but missed gold?

New: Wrong but missed gold?
New: Wrong but missed gold?

Missed the broadcast of Fout Maar Gold? Guilty pleasures: we don’t always dare to admit them, but everyone has them! In the new program Wrong but gold Team captains Marieke Elsinga and Gerard Joling and presenter Chantal Janzen lead two teams through five game rounds, with the mission to unmask the wrong mystery guest of the other team.

During the show, different game rounds are played with which points can be earned. The panel that wins a round not only earns points, but also a hint about the mystery guest of the other team. The more rounds won, the more clues there are to earn that can help unravel the opponent’s mystery.

One of the game rounds takes place in a unique location: in the ‘Giechel van Geer’. Wrong answers are punished with the pulling of a tooth by one of the team members who is literally giggling. Removing it does entail a great risk; the ‘Giechel van Geer’ can close. When that happens, it’s done and the points go to the other team. When all games have been played, the grand final takes place.

Watch this episode of Fout Maar Goud here.

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