Suspected McDonald’s murders ‘fears liquidation’ – De Swollenaer

Suspected McDonald’s murders ‘fears liquidation’ – De Swollenaer
Suspected McDonald’s murders ‘fears liquidation’ – De Swollenaer

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ZWOLLE – The suspect of the double murder in McDonald’s in Zwolle-Noord in March this year is on a death list. That said his lawyer on Thursday at the court session in Zwolle.

(by Michiel Satink)

Suspect Veysel . (33) fears a liquidation, said his lawyer Michel van Stratum. It is a reason for extra security in the detention center where the suspect is. The threat is under investigation, his defense counsel said.

YOU. has acknowledged having shot at McDonald’s in Zwolle-Noord on March 30 this year. In that shooting, in a packed restaurant, the brothers Ali (57) and Hüseyin (62) Torunlar were shot at close range. Both victims died on the spot.

It was not a murder and there was no premeditated plan, the lawyer said. According to him, that would explain why Ü. had just driven there in his own car. He has acknowledged the shooting “but this is not what he wanted,” said Van Stratum at the second preliminary session in this criminal case.

The lawyer especially asked for more attention to the possible background of the shooting. His client is said to have invested a million euros through Ali’s son in Turkey. The suspect was defrauded and extorted by the family for a long time, according to Van Stratum. The name of a well-known Turkish criminal, who is detained in the Netherlands, would also have been used as a threat.

Van Stratum believes that the police are ‘sitting still’ instead of investigating this extortion in detail. An investigation into extortion is already underway in Turkey. The prosecutor did not consider it relevant to investigate an alleged extortion by the victims and their families. It wouldn’t say anything about whether a double homicide is provable. The Public Prosecution Service is also not aware of a threat of liquidation against the suspect.

The court rejected the requests. Many relatives attended the hearing, the suspect was absent. The next pre-trial hearing will take place in November.

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