No streaming? Watch the Dutch Grand Prix live on F1TV!

No streaming? Watch the Dutch Grand Prix live on F1TV!
No streaming? Watch the Dutch Grand Prix live on F1TV!

This weekend it’s time for the fifteenth race of 2022. The Grand Prix of the Netherlands is on the agenda. You can watch all free practice sessions, qualifying and the race live via F1TV. Below we explain how you can enjoy the new race weekend!

At F1TV you can take out a subscription, so you don’t miss a race. If you want to watch every Grand Prix live, you can take an annual subscription for 64.99 euros per year and you get a free trial of seven days. This allows you to watch every session (free practice, qualifying and the race) live. You even have access to all onboard cameras and board radios!

What else is live around GP Netherlands?

In addition to Formula 1, you can also watch live streams of Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Supercup this weekend. In addition, it is also possible to watch all sessions in Formula 1. You can watch the reruns of the F1, F2, F3 and Porsche Supercup all on F1TV. You also have access to exclusive documentaries and you can watch more than 650 historical races.

As if all that wasn’t enough, you also get full access to all the features of live timing. So you get the telemetry data live from the car, the best clips from the board radio, a driver tracker map and data on tire consumption. Do you want to watch the Grand Prix of the Netherlands live via F1TV? Click here and purchase a subscription!

F1TV timetable for Formula 1 in Zandvoort

On Friday you can switch on F1TV between 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm for the first free practice on the Zandvoort circuit. Between 4 pm and 5 pm it is time for the second free practice, which you can also watch live at F1TV. On Saturday afternoon, the third free practice can be seen from 12 noon and this training lasts until 1 p.m.

The preview of the qualifying of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands will start from 2.30 pm. You can watch the qualifying live on F1TV between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Immediately afterwards, the commentary on the qualification starts, this commentary lasts until 4.30 pm.

On Sunday it is time for the Grand Prix of the Netherlands. You can switch on at F1TV from 2 p.m. for the preview. After the preview, the Dutch GP will start at 3 p.m. This race lasts until 5 p.m., after which an afterthought immediately starts at F1TV, which lasts until 17:40.

Curious about all Formula 1 TV providers and the latest discounts? Check this page!

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