Bredense Rosa and Jos, first participants of Hotel Romantiek, still a couple today

Bredense Rosa and Jos, first participants of Hotel Romantiek, still a couple today
Bredense Rosa and Jos, first participants of Hotel Romantiek, still a couple today

Next Sunday, the reality program ‘Hotel Romantiek’ will start on One. Reason to look back on the first season in which Rosa Serruys (79) from Bredene got to know her Jos van Landeghem (67). The couple still lives together and is even married. “Our wedding was the best day of my life,” it sounds.

In Hotel Romantiek, several over-65s are looking for love. The program was broadcast for three seasons on VIER, now Play4 (then as Hotel Romantik). The last time was in 2019. A new series of the program will be released on viewers next Sunday, but this time on One.

Rosa and Jos got to know each other during the recordings in 2016 and found love in each other. Today they are still a couple. What’s more: they got engaged a year after the shooting and are now married.

Boat held off

“I held off the boat for a long time to participate,” Rosa looks back. Rosa lived her whole life in Bredene, but followed love to Rumst, near Antwerp.

“Do I miss the coast? The sea air does, but I am also happy in Rumst”

“Actually, I had no idea what the program was about. They told me that it was a program that wanted to show what people over sixty are doing at their age. They came to the coast a few times before that to talk to me. Finally I gave in. When I was told it was some sort of dating program for seniors, I wasn’t too happy about it at first. Mainly because I had ended up with the wrong people. Eventually Jos came across my path during the program and that changed me completely. My entire participation in the program was all worth it in hindsight.”

Not really looking

Very often couples who get to know each other during dating shows on television do not stay together. However, Rosa and Jos proved the opposite. “It really is possible,” says Rosa.

Rosa and Jos met in 2017. © Play 4

“We are the only ones who are still a couple after the program. And actually we weren’t really looking for love. We both let it get to us. I think it’s best if you start from that point: nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed. Look, this is how I secretly give some tips for the following participants. (laughs) What Jos and I had in the beginning is still there. We immediately felt that click. We told each other things we hadn’t told in years. We had an incredible sense of trust and sincerity towards each other. We were really madly in love and we still are.”

Fairy tale

Barely a year after the shooting, the couple decided to get engaged. They finally got married on June 23, 2018. “That was the best day of my life,” it continues.

“I floated all day. It was perfect: our opening dance and my baby singing to me. It seemed like a fairy tale. In 2018 I immediately moved from Bredene to Rumst, following my great love. Do I miss the coast? The crowds are not, but the sea air is. If it were up to Jos, he would immediately move to the coast. But I’m happy here. Here too you have a holiday feeling when you come to the city. Are we going to watch the new series? Yes of course. We are very curious to see how the couples fare.”

Hotel Romantiek, from Sunday 4 September at 8 p.m. on One.

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