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Bensdorp, Bussum© Beautiful North Holland

The British School of Amsterdam, Amsterdam.© Beautiful North Holland

Neighborhood hood de Tuunen, Den Burg.

Neighborhood hood de Tuunen, Den Burg.© Beautiful North Holland

Nature Center De Marel, De Waal, Texel.

Nature Center De Marel, De Waal, Texel.© Beautiful North Holland

Edge Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam.

Edge Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam.© Beautiful North Holland

Gibbon Pavilion Artis, Amsterdam.

Gibbon Pavilion Artis, Amsterdam.© Beautiful North Holland

The Dome, Haarlem.

The Dome, Haarlem.© Beautiful North Holland

Image quality plan Ringvaartzone, Haarlemmermeer.

Image quality plan Ringvaartzone, Haarlemmermeer.© Beautiful North Holland

Spaarndammerhart, Amsterdam.

Spaarndammerhart, Amsterdam.© Beautiful North Holland

Stories, Amsterdam.

Stories, Amsterdam.© Beautiful North Holland

Wieringermeer Fish Cycle, Wieringermeer.

Wieringermeer Fish Cycle, Wieringermeer.© Beautiful North Holland

New construction of a bell jar farm Weltevreden, Purmer.

New construction of a bell jar farm Weltevreden, Purmer.© Beautiful North Holland

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Building projects that score well in terms of living pleasure, sustainability and cohesion with the environment have a chance to win the Arie Keppler Prize 2022. From 87 entries for the prize, the public can choose its winner until September 14.

Think of it as a beauty contest for construction projects in North Holland, the biennial Arie Keppler Prize. Because beauty was seen by Arie Keppler as an important condition for a successful building and an indispensable asset for achieving social and landscape cohesion, sustainability and living pleasure.

Keppler (1876-1941) was director of the Municipal Housing Service Amsterdam and under his leadership 30,000 homes were built in the capital. From small neighborhoods such as Vogeldorp and Disteldorp to large areas such as Tuindorp Oostzaan, Tuindorp Nieuwendam and Tuindorp Watersgraafsmeer.

Out of 87 entries completed in the past period, a professional jury has nominated twelve. Four of these projects won the professional prize in as many categories. In addition, the public chooses a favorite for the Audience Award from all 87 entries. The winners will be announced on September 29 by the Noord-Holland deputy Cees Loggen.

These projects and policy plans have been nominated by the jury of experts: Bensdorp, Bussum; Image quality plan Ringvaartzone, Haarlemmermeer; Neighborhood hood de Tuunen, Den Burg; The Dome, Haarlem; Edge Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam; Gibbon Pavilion Artis, Amsterdam; New construction of a farmhouse in Weltevreden, Purmer; Nature Center De Marel, De Waal; Spaarndammerhart, Amsterdam; Stories, Amsterdam; The British School of Amsterdam, Amsterdam and Wieringermeer Fish Circle, Wieringermeer.

The four categories on which the jury focuses are heritage, the immense housing project, the embedding in the landscape of North Holland and the art of craft making.

For voting and more information about the entries, visit:

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