Health care benefit increases by 412 euros (in 2023)

Health care benefit increases by 412 euros (in 2023)
Health care benefit increases by 412 euros (in 2023)

The cabinet is coming up with an enormous package of measures to dampen the loss of purchasing power. This would involve a total amount of almost 16 billion euros. This is reported by sources from The Hague.

Among other things, the minimum wage and various allowances will increase. This also applies to the healthcare allowance.

This is what we know so far:

Healthcare premium up sharply

The premium of a basic insurance is expected to rise to about 147 euros per month next year. In order to compensate for this lower income, the health care allowance is rising sharply.

At the moment, families receive a maximum of 211 euros per month in health care allowance. That will be next year one-time up by 412 euros, or about 34 euros per month, RTL reports.

Increase of 16 percent

In short, we learn that this involves an increase of about 16 percent for households with a combined income of approximately 23,000 euros or less.

But households that earn around 40,000 euros per year are also eligible for a higher health care allowance. We will not know exactly what rates are involved until November, after health insurers have announced their premiums for the new calendar year.

Single people with a low income are also expected to improve considerably, although no concrete figures are available yet.

If we extend the increase in multi-person households, a single person on social assistance benefits will receive about 18 euros per month next year. But that’s speculation.

Bart Koenraadt (Healthcare Guide)

It is also unclear what the new limit amounts for the health care allowance will be next year.

Prince’s Day

The Budget Memorandum, which will be presented on 20 September, will provide more clarity about the changes within healthcare and health insurance as of 2023.

Think of:

  • The amount of the nominal premium
  • The mandatory deductible
  • The income-related contributions
  • A more accurate calculation of the health care allowance

One or two weeks after Budget Day, the first health insurer (DSW) will probably follow with its healthcare premium for 2023. In mid-November, all Dutch people will have the opportunity to switch insurance companies.

The latest news and developments can be found on this handy overview page.

worry baby

Measures have also been announced about the sky-high energy prices – another cause for concern – to dampen them in 2023.

For example, the energy tax will be reduced next year, although the VAT rate will be reduced again to 21 percent.

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