New series and viewing tips September 2022: tips from Vogue

One moment there are ten titles on you to watch listThe next moment you’ve binged it all and you don’t know which series or movie to devour next. The good news: there’s always a title you haven’t seen, if only because the streaming services update their offerings every month.

This month, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Videoland and NPO Plus are again full of new content. Which series and movies will appear on the streaming services in September 2022? These are the viewing tips from Vogue Netherlands.

New series and viewing tips September 2022

The choice of streaming services is already huge these days. Whether you have three subscriptions or one: in this list you will find viewing tips from all providers. Organized by streaming service, which is handy.


Series | Heartbreak High Season 1 | September 14

No lack of reboot series: na And just like that… (Sex and the City) and Gossip Girl In September, another old classic from the nineties returns with a new look: Heartbreak High. The Australian high school series is about the lives of the students and teachers of Hartley High, a secondary school in Sydney. The reboot version focuses on the turbulent teenage life of Amerie, who is suddenly locked out after a revelation. She does everything she can to restore her reputation. A series full of drama, love, heartbreak and sex. In short: a classic high school series indeed – but one with a strong cast, who Vogue Australia spoke and photographed Vogue-worthy.

Movie | Do Revenge | 16 September

A drama movie starring Camila Mendes (Riverdale), Maya Hawke (Stranger Things) and Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) is one you must see. And when we say drama, we’re not exaggerating – although ‘dark comedy’ might better describe the genre in question. Drea (played by Camila) and Eleanor (played by Maya) join forces in the film to take revenge on those who destroyed their lives. Not entirely coincidentally, they play the most dangerous characters: teenage girls.

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