Beer 4 Nature wins three prizes at World Beer Awards (Mol)

Beer 4 Nature wins three prizes at World Beer Awards (Mol)
Beer 4 Nature wins three prizes at World Beer Awards (Mol)

Tijs Vanneste, Kevin Vleminx, Pieter Vanhoof and Jeroen De Muynck of Beer 4 Nature toast with Ne Kemping to the success of their own beers. — © Tommy Maes

Mol, Balen

Silver for Wisent and Voske, bronze for Ne Kemping. The debut of the Beer 4 Nature brewery from Mol at the World Beer Awards (WBA), the most famous beer competition in the world, did not go unnoticed.

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Beer 4 Nature has already won high marks with its brews during previous participations in international beer competitions. Toekan won gold at the European Beer Challenge in 2021, while Hert took silver. At the London Beer Competition earlier this year, the people of Kempen did it all over again, by scoring a silver medal with Ne Kemping. Beer 4 Nature came up with this beer for the De Kemping one program with Tijs Vanneste. But those competitions are only – excuse me – small beer compared to the WBA, the largest and best-known beer competition in the world.

That Wisent gets silver in the category Best Spirit BeerVoske silver in Best Pale Beer Amber and Ne Kemping bronze in Best Pale Belgian Style Blonde even the three initiators Kevin Vleminx, Pieter Vanhoof and Jeroen De Muynck are a bit dumbfounded. “No, we didn’t expect this at all and we can actually still hardly believe it ourselves”, says Kevin Vleminx with a smile. “Apart from Ne Kemping, we hadn’t entered Wisent and Voske for a race before, so we didn’t have a reference there either. This is just crazy.”

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Voske is a light amber beer, while Wisent is a dark bourbon infused quadruple. “We had first made Wisent on bourbon barrels with a circulation of 200 liters, but with its 11% alcohol content, that was actually too punishing. That’s why we reduced the beer to 9%, but we no longer brew it in barrel, but infusions it with bourbon. That makes the brewing process a little more manageable and the taste consistent. Bison is on small bottles (33 centilitres, ed.) available. But we also have a palette of large bottles of beer (75 centilitres) to mature for an additional year. We will number and sell them soon. Even if we say so ourselves, it’s real scary. ”

Beer 4 Nature brews beer to be able to purchase forest and nature reserves with the proceeds. On Saturday 3 September, the brewery from Mol will also organize the Kempische Beer & Wine Trail, a running and walking event from its own summer bar on domain Keiheuvel in Balen. “Participants can choose from different distances, with a few stops along the way where they can taste different types of beer, wine and mocktails,” says Vleminx.,

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