This is what will happen to the price of petrol in 2023

Petrol and diesel are extremely expensive this year. To ease the pain at the pump somewhat, the government lowered the excise tax on fuel. But what will that be like in 2023?

As of April 1, 2022, the excise duty on fuel in the Netherlands has been reduced. A liter of petrol fell by 17.3 cents. A liter of diesel became 11.1 cents cheaper. LPG has since then cost 4.1 cents less per liter.

Excise duty on fuel in 2023

The price for oil is not expected to fall extremely in the coming months. And already one in four motorists is financially stuck because of expensive fuel.

This is the influence of the price of petrol on your (private) life

According to sources to the political editors of RTL Nieuws, the reduction in excise duties on petrol, diesel and LPG will remain in force in 2023. At least until July 1, 2023. A total of 16 billion euros will be spent on a package that should reduce the purchasing power of the average Dutch person. Officially, all measures are presented on Budget Day.

In Germany, petrol and diesel are becoming more expensive

Although the Netherlands will continue the excise duty reduction on petrol – according to the rumours. In Germany you see the opposite. The German government will stop cutting excise duties on fuel today (September 1).

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The reduction in Germany was 30 cents per liter of petrol and 14 cents per liter of diesel. Now the price is almost the same and it is not worth driving across the border. Belgium is still interesting for tankers of petrol and diesel. For fuels based on natural gas, it is better to stay in the Netherlands.

In France it is best to fill up with petrol or diesel

If you look at the rest of Europe, France stands out. The excise tax discount on fuel has actually increased there. The French paid 18 cents less for a liter of petrol than for the reduction. It is now 30 cents. The Belgian Autovisie reader may be able to take a trip to the French border for a relatively cheap refueling.

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This is what will happen to the price of petrol in 2023

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