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The new TV season is off to a great start. Not only do old familiar shows return with new episodes, you can also enjoy brand new TV shows again. Tonight you can immerse yourself in dirty chores, guilty pleasures, neighbor quarrels or emotional musical performances, and there is more… These are the TV tips from for Thursday 1 September. informs you every day about the best that the upcoming TV evening has to offer.

Back: mr. Frank Visser makes a statement

8:29 PM

A new season starts tonight mr. Frank Visser makes a statement launched on SBS6. We can once again get ready for a series of neighborly quarrels – sometimes hilarious, sometimes shocking. It is up to Mr. Visser to restore peace. Together with presenter Viktor Brand, Mr. Visser sets out to settle the most diverse neighbor disputes. They travel across the country to meet desperate neighbors who are at odds with each other. In the first episode of the new season of mr. Frank Visser makes a statement we settle in Raamsdonksveer in Brabant. Johan, who is traditionally Brabant, is annoyed by the garden house of his neighbors Ad and Carola. According to Johan, that would not only be disgusting, but would also have been built on top of their joint path, so that Johan can no longer carry out maintenance on his garage. In short, enough food for a hefty neighbor dispute with a Brabant twist.

New: The dirtiest jobs in the Netherlands



8:30 pm

Sewer cleaner, garbage handler or rat catcher: few children will want to be this when they grow up. Fortunately, there are also people for whom this is a dream job. In the new program The dirtiest jobs in the Netherlands we follow some of these people. In The dirtiest jobs in the Netherlands we see people who don’t shy away from getting the dirtiest locations spic and span again. For some it is even a calling. For example, in the first episode we see Peter and his son-in-law Roy, who take great pleasure in making well-stocked mobile toilets fresh and presentable again. Forensic cleaners Jimmy and Thomas throw themselves into a place where a body has been lying for weeks and house clearer Clyde ventures into an extremely neglected and dirty house, which is filled to the ceiling with household goods and rubbish.

New: Wrong but gold



8:31 pm

Guilty pleasures: we don’t always dare to admit them, but everyone has them! In the new program Wrong but gold Team captains Marieke Elsinga and Gerard Joling and presenter Chantal Janzen lead two teams through five game rounds, with the mission to unmask the wrong mystery guest of the other team. During the show, different game rounds are played with which points can be earned. The panel that wins a round not only earns points, but also a hint about the mystery guest of the other team. The more rounds won, the more clues there are to earn that can help unravel the opponent’s mystery. One of the game rounds takes place in a unique location: in the ‘Giechel van Geer’. Wrong answers are punished with the pulling of a tooth by one of the team members who is literally giggling. Removing it does entail a great risk; the ‘Giechel van Geer’ can close. When that happens, it’s done and the points go to the other team. When all games have been played, the grand final takes place.

Best Singers: Nielson



8:34 PM

In the fourth episode of Dear Singers, to be seen tonight on NPO 1, singer Nielson takes center stage. The singer-songwriter is back after a difficult period and is now surprised with performances by colleagues. In a short time Nielson (real name: Niels Littooij) grew into one of the most successful Dutch-speaking artists. He broke through in 2012 thanks to the program The Best Singer Songwriter and the song ‘Beauty & de brains’ and has since scored huge hits such as ‘Hoe’, ‘Sexy as I dance’, ‘Ice cold’ and ‘Sleeping with the light on’. Nielson comes from a large family, he has six brothers. All his brothers can sing. Niels was in church in a family band with two of his brothers. In high school, he participates in a first talent show and has his very first gig at the campsite. In 2008 he wins the preliminary round of Kunstbende and can be the support act for The Opposites.

Crime Thriller: drive



9:01 pm

In the thriller drive A Hollywood stunt driver secretly earns money at night by serving as a driver in the criminal underworld. When a job goes wrong and he comes into conflict with a criminal, he must do everything he can to escape.

Back: This was the news



9:40 PM

This was the news will be back from tonight with a new season on NPO 1. Presenter Harm Edens, together with team captains Peter Pannekoek and Jan Jaap van der Wal, went through the news in a playful way last week. Several rounds of games discuss the most important headlines of the past few days. Reality shows that this is more of a peg for funny stories and anecdotes, served up by both the team captains and their teammates. One thing is certain: after the first round of This was the news it is always four against four.

The following famous guests slide in this season of This was the news to (subject to change):

  • Episode 1 | Splinter Chabot and Jeroen Grueter | 1st of September
  • Episode 2 | Freesia Cousiño Arias and Britt Dekker | September 8
  • Episode 3 | Lisa Ostermann and Gregory Sedoc | September 15
  • Episode 4 | Lisa Loeb and Rayen Panday | September 22
  • Episode 5 | Lilian Marijnissen and S10 | October 13
  • Episode 6 | Wilson Boldewijn and Sticks | October 20
  • Episode 7 | Sosha Duysker and Frits Wester | October 27

documentary: Elephant Mother



11:06 pm

Tonight is the impressive, heartwarming documentary Elephant Mother can be seen on NPO 2. In this documentary we meet a special woman: Lek Chailert from Thailand. She is on a mission to rescue the once-offered sacred elephant from the cruel tourist industry. While she is worn worldwide by nature and wildlife organizations, it is made all the more difficult for her in Thailand itself. Until the corona pandemic breaks out worldwide in 2020 and the roles are reversed. Visitors stay away and the tourism industry in Thailand comes to a standstill – just like in many other tourist spots. The old enemies who previously sabotaged Lek and her camp are now forced to knock on her door. Lek sees her chance and comes to the rescue. With international donations and local donations, she not only supports her own park, but also her neighbors. Slowly but surely Lek manages to improve the situation of the elephants.

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