guilty pleasures with Chantal Janzen

guilty pleasures with Chantal Janzen
guilty pleasures with Chantal Janzen

Chantal Janzen will present the new game show Fout Maar Goud from tonight – Thursday 1 September – at 8.30 pm, in which we are immersed in guilty pleasures. Team captains Marieke Elsinga and Gerard Joling lead their teams through five game rounds, with the mission to unmask the wrong mystery guest of the other team.

Wrong But Gold

During Fout Maar Gold, several game rounds are played in which points can be earned. The panel that wins a round does not only earn points. They also get a hint about the other team’s mystery guest. The more rounds won, the more clues there are to earn. All those tips can help unravel the mystery of the opponent.

Geer’s giggle

One of the promising game rounds takes place in a unique location: in the Giechel van Geer. Wrong answers are punished with the pulling of a tooth by one of the team members who is literally giggling. However, removing it entails an enormous risk; Geer’s Giggle can close. When that happens, it’s done and the points go to the other team. When all the games have been played, the grand final takes place at the end. The teams then try to unmask the other team’s mystery guest. Who guesses right and takes the win?!

Wrong But Gold participants

The guest celebrities who immerse themselves in the world of quilty pleasures are Mattie Valk, Ruth Jacott, Fred van Leer, Geraldine Kemper (who can currently be seen in the new season Five Days Inside), Arno Kantelberg, Rolf Sanchez, Yuki Kempees, Patrick Martens, Monica Geuze, Ruben van der Meer, Miljuschka Witzenhausen, Rick Paul van Mulligen, Nynke de Jongh, Kees Tol, Domien Verschuuren and Vivienne van den Assem.

Wrong But looking gold

Wrong But Gold is a Blue Circle production. From Thursday 1 September, the program with Chantal Janzen, Marieke Elsinga and Gerard Joling can be seen on RTL 4 for eight weeks. You can of course also watch the episodes on Videoland.

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