China sees US hand in UN report on Uyghurs

China sees US hand in UN report on Uyghurs
China sees US hand in UN report on Uyghurs

China has committed serious human rights violations in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. That’s according to a long-awaited report from the United Nations. Beijing reacts dissatisfied in a 131-page statement.

The Chinese response to the report is therefore more than three times as long as the report itself. In its response, China continues to deny that it violates human rights. It called the fact-finding mission and the latest report “a farce set up by the US, the West and other anti-Chinese voices.” It does not understand that an international organization can slap a Member State on the fingers like that, reads the reply. The Chinese ambassador to the UN said the UN human rights organization should not meddle in the domestic politics of his country.

“We know this is a completely fabricated and politically motivated lie.” According to Beijing, the US wants to thwart China’s growth.

‘Serious restriction of human rights’

The report was released shortly before midnight on Wednesday evening, minutes before UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet’s term expired.

China’s “extremely problematic” policy to counter terrorism in the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs-populated region has resulted in systematic “serious and unnecessary restrictions on a wide range of human rights,” the report said. Uyghurs and other Islamic communities in Xinjiang are particularly victims of this.

Investigative agencies have broad and largely unchecked powers to detain and interrogate people. This has led to large-scale and arbitrary detention of Muslims, the UN notes. The organization believes reports of systematic torture and ill-treatment, forced medical treatment and sexual violence in so-called reeducation camps in Xinjiang are credible. The UN also denounces the practice of forced birth control among Uyghurs.


The oppression of the Muslim minorities is not limited to Xinjiang or even China. The Chinese authorities regularly pressure members of the Uyghur diaspora who criticize China or tell about what is happening in Xinjiang by intimidating relatives left behind.

The report has been in the works for three years. The publication was delayed several times, partly because human rights chief Bachelet wanted to incorporate her findings from a six-day trip through Xinjiang and other parts of China earlier this year. Information supplied by China also had to be assessed. The country put a lot of pressure on Bachelet not to publish its findings.

“Seeking the dialogue and deepening my understanding is different from tolerating, ignoring or closing one’s eyes,” Bachelet said when presenting the report. “It doesn’t rule out having to speak out either.”

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