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General manager of GO! School group Xpert, Anne Smeyers, kicked off the new school year today with the handing over of the first laptops to the students of X plus in Lommel.

GO! School group Xpert provides a laptop for all teachers and students from the fifth year of primary education up to and including full secondary education. In total, more than 2300 copies are distributed within the GO! School group in North Limburg.

Anne Smeyers: “The ‘Laptop at school and at home’ project contributes to the government’s task to train our students in a rapidly changing but fascinating society to become digitally competent and critical young people. After all, good digital skills are indispensable in further studies, in the labor market and in everyday life. Integration of ICT in education is becoming increasingly important in curricula. Using a laptop in the lessons is therefore a logical step.”

All education professionals from GO! School group Xpert received a laptop in recent days. Those who so wish can make use of an intensive refresher course within the school group. 600 education professionals will be provided with their own laptop. In addition, the school group provides more than 500 laptops for primary school students from the fifth grade. And finally, about 1200 secondary school students receive a laptop that they use at school and can also take home, even during the holiday periods.

11 minutes ago

She handed out letter cookies to the preschoolers. “Today they are starting to write their own new story,” says kindergarten teacher Jolien.

14 minutes ago

The Bird’s Nest in Heukelom – the new school year started without any problems. After 9 weeks of summer vacation, teacher Nicole Geurts (59) welcomed her 12 toddlers at the school gate with open arms. It was a happy reunion for everyone.

Nicole had transformed her classroom into a veritable jungle in recent weeks. The ticket machines she chose was therefore ‘Take your binoculars and go on the road, you always experience something in our jungle!’ In the class Nicole had built a monkey tree, a tiger tree and a panda tree in combination with lianas and various jungle animals. On the small playground, the little ones were welcomed by an elephant, crocodile and other play animals. The 12 toddlers not only come from the immediate vicinity but also from Riemst center, Herderen and Lowie (4) even come from Maastricht. “It’s a good school and grandma lives close by, which is easy for the shelter,” his parents testify.

The Bird’s Nest Heukelom depends on the Catholic Education Deanate Vlijtingen with its main school in Vlijtingen. Hilde Muermans is the brand new director there. Miss Nicole has been in Heukelom for almost 30 years and is currently the only teacher there. A few half days of school a week, she receives help from the teachers Françoise and Elise. “It’s a nice little school in a safe environment,” says Nicole, who is happy and satisfied that works will be carried out in the street this year, including a significant widening of the sidewalks.

“We are not only the smallest, but certainly also the nicest school in Limburg” concludes an enthusiastic teacher Nicole.

24 minutes ago

Parents and their children were waiting early at the Municipal Primary School Koersel in Beringen. The school’s annual theme is to shine together. That is why the students were welcomed with a ray of sunshine at the school gate.

Most students like it. So is Julian (6) who is going to first grade today. “My granny took me to school because my mom has to teach too. I have been looking forward to today for a long time.” Some children had more trouble saying goodbye.

27 minutes ago

Theme At BS Merlijn you will discover super talent in the context of diversity.

37 minutes ago

At the start of the new school year, master Tom of the primary school De Boomhut in Brustem had treated his new students to a delicious breakfast. “It’s a nice way to introduce the newcomers to each other on their first day of school. But a nice breakfast was also provided for the parents.”

Three new children joined the 70 other preschoolers. 15 left school for first grade.

38 minutes ago

Parents and children are welcomed with breakfast on the playground.

39 minutes ago

Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) started the school year at the school gate of the Municipal Primary School in Rapertingen-Hasselt.

“I come to Limburg because this province takes the lead when it comes to safety in school neighbourhoods,” says Minister Verlinden, who went to a zebra crossing with the LRH officers. “In school neighbourhoods, work is being done on conflict-free intersections and safe bicycle paths. But wearing seat belts and fluorescent vests is also given extra attention. And what I think is really progressive are the traffic lessons that young people receive when they receive a parking permit, for example when their bicycles are not working. are in order. Those 4 hours of traffic lessons are much more efficient than a fine that is paid out of the pockets of the parents. I certainly want to extend this initiative to the rest of the country.”

An hour ago

Balloons adorn the two entrance gates. The parents get coffee and waffles. There is a special cozy atmosphere.

An hour ago

In the Lommel primary school De Speling, the 200 children are received by a board of directors dressed as pilots and air hostesses. ‘Together we fly in’ is the theme.

An hour ago

At BS Sint-Jan in Tongeren, the theme is ‘And they read happily ever after’.

The teachers are dressed in a character from a novel and the red carpet is rolled out for the students.

2 hours ago

The first day of the school year is again a high day for breakfast addresses this year. “Parents come to celebrate that their children are out of the house again,” it sounds at Mokka in Genk.

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