Who will succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Great Britain?

Who will succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Great Britain?
Who will succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Great Britain?
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With a few days to go, the British will know who their new prime minister is. The two remaining candidates, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, debated for the last time yesterday, before the winner will be sworn in by Queen Elisabeth on Monday at Balmoral Castle. It’s not really exciting anymore, ‘the battle has already been won’, Peter de Waard, former Great Britain correspondent for De Volkskrant.

Liz Truss is well ahead in the polls, and according to De Waars that can hardly go wrong. The results will be announced on Monday 5 September, members of the conservative party have been able to vote in recent weeks and can do so until tomorrow. ‘You can assume that most of them have already done that for a long time.’

Six months ago, Sunak was considered the most likely candidate to succeed Boris Johnson. Now he pulls out all the stops to blacken his opponent, but he hardly succeeds, says De Waard. “Truss has cleverly attracted Johnson’s supporters. Sunak wants to be a little more leftist, wants to lower taxes. But as a minister he has already raised taxes, so that story is difficult to defend.’

Within the party leadership itself there is great doubt about both candidates, especially about Liz Truss. ‘Parliamentarians have a preference for Sunak, and that will make Truss’s position very vulnerable in the future.’

How big is Boris Johnson’s influence?

It is clear that Boris Johnson is behind Liz Truss, but it is unclear whether he will return to British politics himself. Peter de Waard: ‘There will be national elections in two years’ time, and he may well see that more often. He hasn’t ruled it out himself.’

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