Roxeanne Hazes is looking forward to the reunion of Best Singers Live | NOW

Roxeanne Hazes is looking forward to the reunion of Best Singers Live | NOW
Roxeanne Hazes is looking forward to the reunion of Best Singers Live | NOW

Roxeanne Hazes is really looking forward to being part of the Best Singers Live event next year. The singer expects a very nice reunion with the colleagues with whom she can currently be seen in the music program.

“In the group app that we have together, we already had something like: can’t we do it again? Now there is really going to be a reunion,” says Hazes, who is still in front of the TV every week for the program.

The delivery of Dear Singers in which Hazes’ music was central, caused a lot of attention to the viewer earlier this month. The singer said, among other things, about the “nasty form of homesickness” that she suffered due to an “accumulation of traumas” from her youth and that she missed her mother after the death of her father.

According to Hazes, an atmosphere had arisen during the recordings that invited candid conversations about the highs and lows in someone’s life. “It sounds cliché, but at some point you forget the cameras, and then the beautiful stories come,” she says.

‘Power of Dear Singers is that a relationship of trust is created’

Especially the passage about homesickness evoked a lot of recognition from the viewer. “I was amazed that after that I received so many messages from people who recognized my story. I am always a little tense whether people like it. I can’t let it go either. I’ve been sitting still for quite a while and that makes I’m a little insecure too.”

The power of Dear Singers According to Hazes, the main thing is that everyone opens up to each other’s music and that a bond of trust is created during the recording period. “In the beginning it was terrifying to sing directly in front of your colleagues. I would rather be in front of a full room with all blurred faces. But we were such a close group, so you let it go quickly.”

Hazes already has an idea what she wants to sing during Best Singers Live: I drink, the Ramses Shaffy song she performed in Claudia de Breij’s broadcast. “And I’d love to do another duet too.”

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