Elles de Bruin: ‘More with less’

Elles de Bruin: ‘More with less’
Elles de Bruin: ‘More with less’

We have started a new season of the program Hotline and I feel we are needed more than ever.

Make a difference

You know it by now, we want to make a difference with our program, we want to reveal and tackle injustice, help people who are grounded in the cogs of society. And although we have been away for a few months because of the holidays, you have continued to email us a lot. A lot.

Energy costs

The vast majority of emails are about inflation and rising energy costs. People don’t know how to make ends meet anymore. In the coming months we will follow this and we will also try to give you tips to do more with less money.


And of course we are going to put the topics that we have been following for years back on the agenda: dangerous stairlifts, long waiting lists in nursing homes, the squeaky and creaky care, pension funds that pay too little, bicycle paths that are becoming increasingly dangerous.

Keep emailing us!

It is only part of the points that we are going to cover. And if you keep sending us emails, we will try, together with MAX Ombudsman, to identify and resolve those issues. So mail us: [email protected]

The Meldpunt program can be seen every week on Friday at 19.50 on NPO 2.

(Source: MAX Magazine No: 36. Photo: Shutterstock)

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