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Not with Olympic gold, but with a bunch of tulips in her hands, Eva Drummond-de Goede said goodbye to top hockey on Sunday in Wassenaar. It was a dignified farewell, which at the same time deviated from the dreamed ending in many ways.

Zelfs de trouwste HGC-fans moesten zondagmiddag extra met de ogen knipperen. Drummond is doorgaans makkelijk te herkennen aan haar witte haarband. Nu was dat anders. Plots droegen al haar ploeggenoten er ook één.

Niet alleen op het veld, maar ook daarbuiten waanden tientallen kinderen en oudere toeschouwers zich in enige mate Eva Drummond. “Ik kon het eerst niet geloven, zo lief”, glunderde de 35-jarige Drummond na haar laatste wedstrijd in de Hoofdklasse ooit.

Drummond draagt de haarband sinds ze in 2006 – al op zeventienjarige leeftijd – bij Oranje kwam. Haar slechtziende oom kon haar op die manier beter volgen. Later in haar carrière werd het haar handelsmerk, dat op het allerhoogste podium te zien was.


  1. Minke Smabers – 312
  2. Eva Drummond-de Goede – 266
  3. Margot van Geffen – 265
  4. Fatima Moreira de Melo – 258
  5. Lidewij Welten – 247

No Joost Klein for a while, but Eva Drummond

In the sweltering complex of HGC, Drummond was the only one who ensured that for a moment it was not about the disqualified Eurovision Song Contest participant Joost Klein. Yet it was not the grand farewell that the two-time World Hockey Player of the Year envisioned a few months ago.

Drummond would much rather have been in the world’s sights in the summer with her fourth Olympic gold medal around her neck. Now she waved goodbye in Wassenaar, while two teams on the adjacent football field did not pay attention to the proceedings on the main field of HGC.

At the end of March, Drummond received the painful message from Paul van Ass that she would no longer be called up for the Dutch team. After a long sabbatical, according to the national coach, she has been surpassed by others. The same goes for one of her best friends and teammate Margot van Geffen.

Drummond did not want to dwell too long on her early retirement. “I think I’m still processing it all,” said the veteran. “It will become clear in the coming period to what extent I have closed it. I don’t know that yet.”

De witte haarbanden waren eenmalig in de mode bij de ploeggenoten van Eva Drummond.

‘Enjoyed a match for the first time in my life’

Due to the bad news from Van Ass, Drummond had to do everything one last time against her old club Amsterdam: the last time to put on the headband, the last time to warm up and the last time to worry about a free ball that was not given. And that after 266 international matches, 3 Olympic gold medals and 3 world titles.

“I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I enjoyed a game,” Drummond said. Shortly before the final whistle, the game was even stopped and she was given a substitution with a guard of honor. Something like that rarely happens in hockey.

The smile never disappeared from her face after she was called “the Cruijff of hockey” by the visibly emotional HGC board member Mark van Loon. Everyone took it for granted that her team lost 2-3. HGC did not play for anything, while Amsterdam was already certain of the play-offs. A lot of photos followed for Drummond, mainly with ‘mini-Eva’s’.

A new adventure awaits Drummond. She will soon emigrate to South Africa. She will live there with her husband Tim near Cape Town. “Now the real adult life is about to begin,” she concluded with a laugh.

Drummond gaat wel naar Spelen kijken

Ondanks de harde boodschap van bondscoach Paul van Ass is Eva Drummond van plan om Oranje op de Olympische Spelen te volgen. “Ik ben ook gewoon een hockeyliefhebber”, stelt ze. “Ik ken al die meiden en wil ook heel graag dat ze het goed doen. Dus natuurlijk ga ik kijken.”

Eva Drummond met op de achtergrond twee fraaie spandoeken. Het spandoek aan de rechterkant is opgehangen door haar oude ploeggenoten van Amsterdam.

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